How to Remove Curry Stains From the Carpet

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Across the world 7/10 people enjoy having their food in the living room. The staple diet includes curry which often falls and toils the carpet. Drops of the vegetable curry should be handled with care especially when placed on the carpet else you may require carpet stain removal technique to get rid of that tough curry stain. For the same, remember to clean a spot as soon as possible when it should be dry, after dry the stain could not be removed easily. 

How to Get Rid of Curry Stains?

1. Removing Curry Stain on the Carpet 

The stain which is placed on the carpet should be cleaned quickly as in case ignored, then the carpet absorbs the stain entirely. You can do the same by taking a knife and scraping the curry stain through the same. This process should be considered as soon as possible so that the stain does not increase and make the carpet volatile for use.

2. The stain Should Be Pre Treated 

Use a pre washed stain remover on the carpet directly. We should use the alternative and apply glycerin directly on the carpet to complete the carpet cleaning process. Put glycerin directly on the part of the carpet where curry has spilled and scrape it through the finger so that no residue is left after the completion of the process. After application of glycerin, leave the carpet for nearly 30 minutes and then scrap the stain. Once done, after that , add water to dilute it properly. If the stain has dried out you may use lemon juice on it and leave it for some time along with treating the same using cold water. All this will give you a thoroughly cleaned carpet which looks fresh. 

3. Cleaning Solution Should Be Used

 Take a small bowl and mix it with a tablespoon of hardest soap and one tablespoon of vinegar.  Once done, apply it on the stained area. Add two cups of cold water and mix it well and apply on the curry stain from the carpet.

4. The Stain Should Be Sponged With a White Cloth

Always use a white rag to sponge the stain with the solution of cleaning. After applying the solution on it, leave it for 30 minute . blot it that stain every 5 minute  with white cloth and always use fresh cloth to remove the stain and when the curry stain is removed, always sponge the area with cold and cleaned water. Use of white cloth for dabbing it off indicates a thorough process of carpet stain removal.

5. Use Rubbing Alcohol on Curry Stain 

In case the carpet stain does not go away even after sponging the carpet, Try treating the same with a dilute solution of alcohol and water which can help you to get rid of the carpet stain completely.

6. Dry the Carpet 

After cleaning, and once the carpet cleaning process finishes, leave the carpet to dry  for a day or two. The carpet room should be ventilated enough as you cannot dry off the carpet under sun shade.

Why to Get in Touch With Us?

Many spots cannot be seen by us on the carpet. Because there are very light spots on it . Some spots are immediately seen by us which are big in size. However, some stains can only be identified after multiple attempts of that product with the same procedure. Generally carpet curry stains are not easily removed by the chemicals or home made methods. But there is a solution to that problem to remove stains on the carpet. In case the above carpet cleaning method does not work , then you may contact Oz Clean Team - Carpet Cleaning Adelaide and get in touch with us at 1800 260 601 and get rid of curry stains permanently.

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