How to Reinforce Slopes of Soil with Rock by Self Drilling Hollow Rock Bolts?

by Simone S. sinorockco

Slopes of soil with rock is a mixed slope composed of soil and fully weathered rock in the upper part and rock in the lower part. Due to its own structural characteristics, instability accidents often occur. It is necessary to select a scientific support method in combination with the actual situation of the project to ensure the stability of the soil-filled rock slope. Below, Sinorock will introduce the soil-filled rock slope to you. How to reinforce.

Difficulties in supporting soil and stone slopes

Geological complexity

The thickness of the covering layer of the slopes of soil with rock is large, and the mechanical properties of the upper soil layer are poor, so it is difficult to provide the required resistance of the retaining structure, and the conventional retaining structure is difficult to effectively play the supporting function. The soil-rock slope has different failure modes at different stages, and the later stage is more complicated and the failure modes are diverse.

Poor strength

When the slope rate is steep, due to the low mechanical strength of the soil and rock slope itself, during the continuous rainfall period, the shallow surface soil of the slope is prone to slump and slippage when it is saturated with water.

Slip instability

The weight of soil increases due to rainfall infiltration, and the shear strength of soil decreases. Because the soil-rock interface of the soil-rock slope is relatively steep after the slope is excavated, the slope soil may slide along the soil-rock interface, and the arc-shaped sliding instability of the larger volume of soil is easy to occur in the deeper part. , and deep polyline-shaped slip failure.

Supporting method of soil-rock structure mixed slope

Clean up the slope

The upper layer of the soil and stone slope is mostly loose soil. It is necessary to clean the slope surface first, remove the scum, vegetation, and loose stones on the slope surface, clean the slope surface, and prepare for the subsequent construction.

Slope classification

The support of soil and rock slope should consider not only the control of the deep sliding deformation of the slope but also the control of the soil deformation in the middle and shallow parts. Therefore, it is necessary to classify the slope and design different support methods according to different depths.

Rig selection

Ordinary down-the-hole drilling rigs cannot realize the function of grouting while drilling. In the case of grouting without pressure, it is difficult for the cement to flow upward along the rod body, resulting in scarce or even no cement slurry around the rod body, resulting in limited slurry entering the surrounding rock. The added strength of the slope is also limited. Choosing a special drilling rig for self-drilling bolts for construction can better play the effect of self-drilling bolts.

Anchor rod drilling

When the mixed slope is constructed, it is difficult to form holes due to the loose soil. During drilling, it is necessary to carry out slag discharge back and forth, so as to avoid the occurrence of sticking problems and improve the drilling efficiency.

Drilling and Grouting Simultaneously

The self-drilling hollow grouting bolt can realize the function of grouting while drilling. During repeated drilling, the slope is fed with enough grout, and the bond strength between the anchor and the slope is greatly increased, which enhances the soil quality. strength, and also enhances the ability to resist slope deformation.

Drainage settings

Choose according to the local weather and environment, and increase the drainage set. Many slopes are unstable because of excessive water content. If the construction is in the rainy season, it is necessary to close cracks, increase drainage ditches, and divert water to the outside of the slope to prevent water from infiltrating the slope and accelerating deformation.

Monitoring deformation

In the construction process, information construction can be implemented, and the construction can be better guided through monitoring data. It mainly monitors the displacement and settlement of the slope, records the dynamic changes, and ensures safety after construction.

The above is the answer to the question of how to strengthen the soil-filled rock slope. The self-drilling hollow bolt bonds the stable rock mass and unstable soil mass of the soil-filled rock slope together. The combined strength of the rock and soil mass makes the rock and soil mass of the slope itself reinforced, thereby ensuring the stability of the slope. If you have any questions about self-drilling hollow grouting bolts, please contact us, we will arrange for engineers to answer for you.

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