How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress in Dogs Naturally?

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Dogs are sometimes like children, and when they develop the fear of noises, people, or places, it is hard to calm them down. Some shiver uncontrollably during thunderstorms or when firecrackers go off. Some dogs dislike visitors or hate being left alone. Dogs have different ways of expressing anxiety, such as barking or howling incessantly, hiding under furniture, or urinating inside the house. Medication rarely helps under these circumstances as it gives only temporary relief, and anxiety levels may worsen over time. Researchers say that dog CBD oil, which is derived from hemp, is the best solution as it provides natural treatment from anxiety without severe side effects like nausea or lethargy.

Types of Anxiety in Dogs

A new pet dog may appear stressed or anxious until it settles down and gets used to people and new surroundings. But sometimes dogs that have undergone abuse can carry long-term emotional scars on their psyche. Dogs that have been abused or neglected can have phobias or fear certain places, people, and objects like sticks or chains.

There are other reasons a dog may feel anxious. Did you know that nearly 17 percent of pet dogs suffer from separation anxiety and cannot bear to be away from their owners for more than a few days? Some dogs may love long drives, while others may feel stressed out even on short trips. Often, older dogs become more anxious as their mental and physical faculties diminish. They may calm down if owners are present to pet or hug them, but an owner’s presence and contact may not be sufficient when the dog is overly anxious.

Treating Anxiety in Dogs Traditionally

Behavior specialist for animals and vets often recommend personalized treatment methodology based on the dog’s condition. This usually includes behavioral training for a few weeks by a trainer or family member to teach them the difference between good and bad behavior. But for dogs dealing with anxieties related to storms, firecrackers, travel, or visitors, anti-anxiety medications are usually prescribed by vets. Though these may calm the animal, they have several side effects like nausea, lethargy, appetite problems, diarrhea, and memory issues.

Natural Treatment through Dog CBD Oil

Research has shown that dog CBD oil can reduce stress-related anxiety and obsessive behavior issues. This is because when hemp enters the body, it activates specific body receptors and relieves tension and stress-related anxiety. This signaling by brain receptors plays a key role in mood improvement, so the pet dog is likely to be more cheerful and happier. Hemp-based CBD oil for pets is free of chemicals and natural while still being safe. It is also generally free of side effects as the endocannabinoid system absorbs it. Both pet owners and vets have affirmed that their dogs have become calmer and responsive to behavioral therapy and training with the help of CBD oil for dogs

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