How To Provide the Best Customer Service In CBD Industry to Keep Customers Happy

by Samuel Jones Marketing Manager

The diverse and dynamic nature of the CBD industry makes it not only interesting but also challenging. There is a lot that is being discovered daily from the ongoing research, government agencies such as FDA have to work across the clock to protect the public from misleading information, ambitious internet marketers are doing everything possible to grab the attention of the excited public and CBD businesses have to attract their customers. 

It is an interesting chain. There is a lot of truth, half-truths and blatant lies, especially on the web. However, as a professional CBD distributor or wholesaler, how then do you guarantee your customers of the best service? Will telling the truth about some of the assumptions hurt your business? Would you rather let them flow with the lie and purchase your products simply because you want to win over the market? Or do you stick to professionalism and tell your customers the truths and debunk the current CBD misconceptions? 

If you are a player in the CBD retail chain and confused about how to grow your business by guaranteed your customers the best services, read along. Here a few tips for you;

1. Follow the law

Following the law can be one of the most difficult things to do, but it is the most rewarding in the long run. What does the law say about CBD and the marijuana industry? Yes, it might be legal in your state, but there are some specific restrictions, especially on the composition of the psychoactive THC in your products. Do you adhere to the specified concentrations in your wholesale CBD products or not? If you don’t understand the legal and regulatory framework, then you are risking your business and the clients’ wellbeing because they might end up handling a prohibited product. 

2. Be honest, it doesn’t cost a thing

Your customers might have been directed to your online store from a blog that had made wild claims about CBD. Don’t confirm the lie by saying stuff like; CBD can cure cancer, HIV and all diseases under the sun, the moon and the stars…Put yourself in the shoes of that customer, suffering from a condition such as anxiety. Giving them false hope is not only evil but illegal. Don’t be the reason why the customer fees disappointed and his/her self-esteem shattered because you want to make a sale. CBD wellness works, but you need to let the customer decide from a point of knowledge and not ignorance.

3. Stock up quality products

The quality of the products you stock carries a lot of weight in the satisfaction of your customers. In an industry where it is not easy to determine quality, how do you ensure that you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations? Well, the most obvious one is to purchase and stock products from well-established companies. Manufacturers that have invested in the best CBD extraction processes such as CO2 extraction are highly likely to have better products than the smaller ones that use old methods. The better the extraction, the higher the purity levels of the products you sell them. With the right product, they are also likely to experience the ultimate relief, thus helping you deliver on your customer promise.

4. Provide information 

User guidelines are very important in the CBD industry. Wholesale CBD products come in different forms, shapes, and flavors. Consumers may not know much how to use these products and therefore you need to provide as much information as you can. If you are a CBD distributor online, make it your business to provide as much information as possible. Come up with an FAQ page where your customers and potential customers can access all answers to burning questions. Have a live chat option to personalize attention and be ready to answer questions. Remember, you are neither a researcher nor a doctor; don’t act like one.  

5. Offer after-sale services. 

When you sell a product to a customer, you shouldn’t consider a sale closed, sit back and start counting the profits. Make it your responsibility to follow up and find out how they found the CBD wholesale products and if there is anything you can do to make their experience memorable. It doesn’t matter if your main customers, as a CBD wholesaler, are not real consumers but other CBD retailers. Find out how the products are doing the market and learn how to improve on their quality.

The customer is always right; so they say. This is not always the case, but you can enlighten them in a way that will leave a smile on their faces. With the right customer care, your CBD wholesale business will flourish as people will keep coming back for more of your products.

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