How to propose? The 10 best ways to propose to a girl.

by Rachel A. Jewelry

There are many different things to mull over whilst looking for the best way to propose to the love of their lives. While there are hundreds of different ways in which it can be done, coming up with a proposal which feels personal and anecdotal can seem like a daunting task indeed. In this article, we look at the ten best ways in which you can propose to your partner:

What about how to propose to a man?

Well, put simply, gone are the days where a particular type of proposal was more suitable for one of the genders. While planning a proposal that is personal and authentic is the idea, most of the proposal ideas below are good for both men and women, and only need proper planning and personalization to be pulled off satisfactorily:

1. A big fancy dinner: 

The big dinner proposal is one of the classic techniques that one can never go wrong with, and has been used in various movies and TV series. This type of proposal is generally accompanied with slipping the unique ring into the bottom of the wine glass, which upon its discovery is followed by the person dropping to his knee, and asking the partner to marry him.

2. Using personal memories:

Asking the stereotypical ‘will you marry me’ question is best accompanied with something memorable and unforgettable to accompany the moment. Using personal places such as the place where you had your first date, or the one where you first kissed are places worth considering. Certain other personal elements such as a song you both like or the place you first met can also be used.

3.The Hollywood way:

Chances are that one or more of your partner’s favorite movies are either love stories or rom-coms, and proposing to them just like their favorite movie or TV series character did might just do the trick.

Here, it is important to personalize the experience and prepare your speech according to your partner, instead of just taking the entire proposal from your source. Creating an experience similar to only a limited extent is enough. Remember, it is the thought that counts, and the effort that you put in!

4. Using banners: 

Using banners or large screens is also a timeless way of proposing to your partner. A banner asking the question, along with you getting down on one knee is sure to make your partner’s day, and your life, if they decide to say yes!

It is important to choose the place and the occasion of the banner so as to strike the perfect balance between romance and surprise without making it a bit too intrusive, or awkward.

5. Using family rings: 

Using an old ring passed down through generations in your family is a moving way to propose, and also pocket-friendly. An old ring passed down from a grandmother or one which has a story attached to it is one of the best ways to propose to your partner.

6. Using a diamond engagement ring: 

Using an impressive diamond engagement ring is complementary to all the other suggestions you will find in your list. A big, sparkly diamond ring with a unique design is sure to improve your chances of getting a favorable answer.

At Sabrina A Inc., we have a wide variety of the most unique handmade diamond engagement rings, such as the ever-popular half carat princess cut diamond ring. The princess-cut is a comparatively recent cut that features a straight sided rectangular outline with an intricate facet arrangement, like the one shown below.

7. Personalized gift boxes: 

Creating personalized gift boxes filled with memorable photos, gifts or souvenirs of your relationship along with a proposal note is also an impressive way to propose. Such a gift box not only makes the moment special, but it also reassures your partner that you remember and cherish all the important moments of your relationship.

8. Using events: 

Various events such as football or baseball matches and concerts might allow for personalized proposal messages to be displayed on the big screen or announced verbally. Using events that your partner is fond of is also an unforgettable way to personalize the experience, and make it a spectacular affair.

9. Destination proposals: 

Another timeless way of proposing to your partner is on a trip. Using a beach in her favorite city or a romantic mountain can add to the entire occasion and makes it a heartwarming surprise for your partner.

Like in most of the above tips, the idea is to use specific occasions, places or gifts that are personal and memorable, and if the proposal happens during a trip to the place your partner wanted to go to since a long time, it becomes all the more hard to say no!

10. Using specific occasions: 

Perhaps the easiest and the most effective way of pulling off a memorable proposal is to use specific occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries to pop the big question. The day your partner proposes is one that he or she wants to remember for the rest of their lives, and if it happens on a day that is already special to them, half the job is done already!


While there are a number of tips and suggestions available on the internet as far as marriage proposals are concerned, the aim is to make the experience as personal and special as possible. Finally, using two or more of the above tips at the same time, and pulling each aspect off as well as you possibly can is sure to make the occasion as special as it needs to be.

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