How to Pick The Best Studio Headphones For Rock Music

by John M. Product Marketer

Music is something that we all love and to bring you closer to the music a headphone plays an important role. The regular headphones are pretty good for listening to music. However, if you are someone who is looking ahead to make music. Then regular headphones would not help you out.

Instead, you will need a studio headphone which can offer you more accuracy. However, when it comes to studio headphones there are quite a lot of options are available. So the question is How to Pick The Best Studio Headphone?

Well if you have the similar question in your head. Then not to worry, we will explain you the points that you should keep in mind while purchasing a studio headphone.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

How to Pick The Best Studio Headphones

First of all, you have to determine a budget for your studio headphone. Not everyone out there is going to spend a hell lot of money on a studio headphone. Some of them might want to get a headphone in the budget or a studio headphone that does not cost much.

Also, the good part is that the market has a best one under every budget. So it is always better to determine a budget before hunting for the best headphone.

Overall, a good headphone can cost you between 150$ to $300. But if you have a budget less than that, not to worry there are also plenty of options are available.

Do Your Research

The very first step is to do proper research before you actually end up purchasing a studio headphone. Go ahead and surf the popular website and see what kind of studio headphones are available in the market.

Also, you must be looking for something that offers you top notch quality and that’s the only reason why you are more likely to pick the top brands. Well if you are looking for quality brands, then do not forget to check out the top brands like Sony, Bose, and AKG. These companies make the best sound accessories out there.

Also once you pick up the right headphone for your videos, you can further read reviews about it or watch some YouTube videos. However, while reading a review of any headphone prefer the well known websites. As those websites offer more value and accurate feedback.

Moreover, if you are picking up a studio headphone from an ecommerce website like Amazon. Then do not forget to read the reviews from the real users. This will give you plenty of idea about the quality of the headphone, and it will be a safe purchase for you.

Also, the plus point of online shopping is that you always have the chance to return the product within a time period. So if you do not like something, return it and look for another one. Isn’t it pretty easy?

Find Your Type
Well, when it comes to studio headphones there are two types are available. These types are the open back headphones and the closed back headphones.

However, between these two, the closed back headphones are pretty common. But that does not mean you should go with them. In fact, you should go with the one that meets your requirements.

Anyway, to give you a better understanding here is a detailed guide:

Open back Headphones:

The Open Back Headphones offers an airflow through the earcups. As a result, the air flow is capable of creating more and spacious sounds. These headphones are ideal for:

·        Mixing and mastering

·        Natural and accurate sounds

Closed back Headphones:

The closed back headphones are perfect for recording tracks. In these types of headphones, the earcups are sealed. As a result, there is no noise in or out. So you do not have to worry about any sound leaking through the headphone and messing up your recording.

You can use a closed back headphone if you are recording a song or if you have a live guitarist in the studio. So this way you will not get to hear any outer sound and focus more on your performance.

Determine Your Fit

Most of the studio headphones are over ear, or they are on ear type models. The over ear headphones covers the entire neck and fits over it and the on ear models have ear pads. Now there is no good or bad about any of these models.

In fact, it completely depends on your needs and personal preference. However, if you are looking for a compact pair of headphones, then the on ear headphone is pretty perfect for you.

But if your primary priority is the comfort, then the over ear headphones is the only one you should go with. Even the over ear headphones are pretty good at blocking out sounds.

Try Them Out

Just in case, if you are planning to get the headphones from a local store. Then there is a good advantage of it. You will get the chance to try the studio headphones before picking up one.

So simply head over to a local store and try a few studio headphones out. However, while testing the headphones, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. These questions are the:

1.      Which studio is headphone offering the best comfort?

2.      Which studio does headphone sound the best?

3.      Which headphones fit under your budget?

Try looking for a headphone by asking yourself these three questions, and you will find the best one for yourself within the budget.

Wrapping Up

So that was the answer to your question that says How to Pick The Best Studio Headphones. Now next time whenever you are searching for a headphone do remember to use these points and you will find the best one for yourself without any struggle.

Anyway, if you have any more questions to ask, then feel free to comment below, and we will surely help you out.

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