How to pass an MOT test

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The Ministry of Transport performs a three-yearly test on the vehicles to assess their performance and safety standards. A vehicle must pass this test to be declared eligible to be driven on the roads. There are several pointers regarding the component details that are checked.

Usually, it is simple to pass an MOT test if you pay attention to the requirements. People fail this test when they overlook the minor details that could hamper the safety standards. Here is an article on how to maintain your car so that you can pass an MOT test.

Check your tyres

Tyres are very crucial when it comes to driving performance and road safety. Here are a few things that you should look for in the tyres before appearing for the Car MOT Northampton.

Manufacturing date:

European Safety Standards dictate that a good tyre’s average is ten years from the manufacturing date. Just look for a four-digit code on the sidewalls — the first two digits of this code denote the month, and the last two indicate the year of manufacturing. If your tyre is past its age irrespective of its condition, you must replace it.

Tread depth:

The grooves and ridges carved on the tyre’s outer wall are useful in maintaining a firm grip on the road. These patterns are known as treads, and their recommended depth is 1.6mm. Take a penny and put it in one of the ridges; if the head is barely visible, you are good to go.

Status of sidewalls:

Sidewalls are built to withstand extreme pressure and absorb shock off the surface. But, when the tyres wear out, the sidewalls become weak and pose a huge safety concern. If you look closely at the sidewalls and spot too many cracks and bulges, you must replace your tyres.

Check the lights

All the lamps’ proper functioning is vital to ensure complete passenger safety when driving during the night or fog-like conditions. If a bulb is flickering or not responding properly to the driver’s inputs, it must be replaced immediately.

To assess the lights’ situation, ask someone to give inputs from the cabin while you go around the car, looking for any discrepancies. Also, ensure that brightness is at the recommended level.

Windshield visibility is crucial

The windshield should be crystal clean, devoid of any spot or cracks that may hamper the driver’s visibility. If you spot a crack longer than 1cm, you must replace the entire glass. Similarly, run this assessment test on the rear glass as well. Additionally, ensure the side and rear mirrors’ proper functioning because they are also vital for visibility.

One of the important aspects of a clear windshield is the smooth functioning of wipers and water spray. Clean the wipers thoroughly and ensure that they do not leave a spot behind when cleaning the windshield. Also, take note of the water level of the wiper tank.

The registration plate should be clear

A registration plate is a part of the legal driving document along with the license. If it has unclear visibility, you may be charged for obstruction of justice. Therefore, ensure that it is screwed to its panel and the font shape and size does not violate the law. If any of the characters are missing from your registration id, you must get a new registration plate.

Additionally, the bulb over the plate is equally important to ensure visibility during the night. If it’s not bright enough or is flickering, you must replace it immediately.

Other check-ups

Look for any such dent or damage that may hamper the driving performance or hinder a key component’s smooth functioning. Visit a garage for Car Servicing Northampton so that all the components can be assessed and serviced accordingly.

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