How to Pair Amazon Alexa With Your Car

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Amazon Alexa voice assistant has become an essential speaking member of every home that owns an Amazon Echo speaker. Amazon has marketed speakers that are useful for every need and requirement. Alexa’s assistant, when connected with smart home devices, can do wonders and will minimize the list of minor essential tasks. Alexa assistant is found on every Amazon Echo speaker.

How to Pair Amazon Alexa With Your Car

The similar Amazon’s AI-powered Alexa voice assistant can now be installed in your car. You will be able to turn on the AC, change the temperature of the thermostat, turn off the oven directly from your car. A lot of Alexa assistants are now marketed to be connected with your car regardless of how old or new your car model is. Following are some of the best devices that you can use to connect Alexa with your car this year:

Garmin Speak

This is the most liked device because it has a screen that shows you illuminating directions while you are driving. It can play music from various streaming services. You can multitask like creating your playlist, checking your calendar, weather, traffic, control your smart home devices, and more, while you drive or ask the person sitting on the passenger seat to complete these tasks, so that you don’t get distracted from driving. You can connect this device with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone for a cellular data connection or use it with an AUX cable to convert it into a car stereo.

Roav Viva Pro

It gives you complete voice control in your car so that you can get directions, listen to audible books, play music, and more, easily. It will identify your voice accurately as it is powered with two integrated microphones for noise cancellation. You can connect it with Bluetooth, Android Auto, Carplay, AUX or FM transmission. You and the person on the passenger seat wouldn’t have to worry about your device’s battery as Roav Viva Pro has a dual charging port along with powerIQ technology for providing charging speed at lightning rate. You can find it online for $30 approx.

Amazon Echo Auto

It provides multiple controls as it has 8 microphones and far-field technologies so that it can recognize and hear your voice commands over music, A/C, road noise, and other sounds. Connect it to the Alexa app on your phone to use it as car speakers using an AUX or Bluetooth connection. From the Alexa app, you can also listen to Audible books, Amazon music, latest news updates, Spotify, radio stations, and manage your calendars, to-do lists, etc. One backdrop is that it doesn’t work with every car and phone. To check the compatibility, you can go to the Amazon app, and enter your car’s and mobile’s model number. It retails for $30 only.


This device is the most affordable option, and it is compatible with most of the phones and cars. But, make sure that your phone supports Android 6.0 and more, or iOS 10 & higher, to connect with Muse. It brings more than 30,000 voice skills for your car, including weather reports, games, to-do lists, maintaining finance, checking calendar, news briefings, and more. You can connect it to your car’s stereo system via Bluetooth, an AUX input or USB. It can stream music with smartphones that have data plans and free companion apps. It doesn’t function with a car radio or any concurrent music app. You can use it to control your smart home devices as well.

Please note that the prices of the devices mentioned above may differ from location to location, and they have been listed from high to low price devices.

If you are not interested in purchasing an additional device to connect Alexa with your car, then you can use Amazon Echo Dot for connecting them. For this purpose, you will have to switch Echo Dot’s connection from the Wi-Fi network of your home to the hotspot address of your smartphone. So, you will have to make sure that your internet connection is solid, otherwise, the device will not function properly. You will have to tweak settings from the Amazon Alexa app to pair the device. Follow these step to begin:

  1. On the Settings page, click on Device Settings and choose your Echo device to pair it with your car.
  2. On the Wireless section, you will find Wi-Fi Network. Click on Change to switch it with a Mobile hotspot.
  3. You will be directed to the Echo Dot Setup Page, from where you have to follow the screen and enable your phone’s hotspot.
  4. You will find the orange light appearing on your Echo Dot. If that doesn’t happen, simply press and hold the Action button until you see the orange light.
  5. Connect your mobile hotspot with your Echo Dot and change the name of the device, if you like, so that you don’t forget that your device is connected to the car and not with your home.

If you want to use it as your car stereo, you will have to make additional settings. Follow these steps to turn it into a Bluetooth car stereo:

  1. Switch on the toggle for pairing Bluetooth speakers from the Settings of Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Click on Pair a New Device on your mobile, and select the Echo Dot device. Within a few seconds, your devices will be connected.

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