How to meditate your way to beautiful skin)

by Hari Narayan Sr.Seo (Search Engine Optimization)
How to meditate your way to beautiful skin

Life today, has become a routine. Except some lucky people, we all are trying to just drag ourselves out of the bed, wishing how we could just close our eyes for just five more minutes and complete our sleep. Breakfast, smiles, lunch, laughs, fake smiles, snacks, fake laughter and dinner. That’s all our life has become. Jobs are just links to survive. We all need an impossible escape from day-to-day routine. With a pandemic sitting on our necks, it definitely hasn’t been an easy task to stay joyful and sunshine. And with our dire needs and responsibilities, our skin is the last thing on our mind.

            But, when one golden day we are made to see our once beautiful faces carefully in mirror, we see the horror! Our routines, our tiresome jobs, our worries, our restlessness, the sleep we are craving for since last decade, everything. Our face now is reflecting everything, every problem of our life is written there in bold letters. Exercising and letting your steam out is one thing: and sitting peacefully and having a moment to yourself is another. So, it is really necessary to let your mind dwell in peace and soak in the drops of silence. Meditation allows you to do that. It allows us to sit and think more like sit and not think. Isn’t all the sham to just have some white space!

            Meditation, as rightfully praised by several geniuses, is a path to peace. With peace comes fulfilment. And with fulfilment comes the glow.

Here’s how you meditate your way to ultimate beauty and forever young skin:



When you close your eyes your body immediately relaxes. You unknowingly release a long breathe you did not even know you were holding in the first place. It’s like your body knows it is time to relax. When you close your eyes nerves in your brain relax, which directly helps you to focus in your surroundings, keeping your brain from most likely thinking anything else. Followingly, your strained face muscles relax too, letting you enjoy the stress-free moments and help you to concentrate on selfcare. Relaxing your face muscles can lead to their betterment by enabling them to be strain free and out of a certain mould. It relaxes your eye muscles, letting them cool down for a while.



Breathing is an involuntary and automatic process. It is an important process which regulates the flow of oxygen in our body. The more the oxygen you inhale, the more calmer and regulated you feel, that is why when someone panics, they are told to inhale and exhale. Breathing keeps you healthy and glowing. With insufficient oxygen in your body, it gets tired earlier than supposed to, assuring lesser calm. Meditation allows you to control your breathing and focuses on actually how and how much you breathe. Controlled breathing, if practised by an individual, can be helpful to develop a natural glow on skin

Peace of mind

With the speed of a thousand thoughts per second, our mind is at a general imbalance. We tend to find negativity in neutral situations. With constant distress, our heart beating faster than unusual, our body tends to shield itself form all possible threats. We are involuntarily so alert, that we do not entertain any optimistic thought. This had adverse effects our body. Sulking skin, dark circles, sunken cheeks are all side effects of stress. Stress can also cause achne and wrinkles. This stress can be lessened and even avoided by meditation. Healthy body, naturally beautifies the skin and boosts glow.

Nature and meditation:

Nature and meditation

For meditation, choose a place where your body relaxes. When your body feels at home, it feels peaceful. Nature is home. Prefer a place with good ventilation, fresh air, peaceful surroundings, as close to natural surroundings as possible. If not possible, try to sit in calming surrounds. Sit in a comfortable and relaxing positions. Once you feel your body relaxing, try to concentrate of your breathing and try to give a call to your optimistic self. You can even play a music to let avoid letting your mind wander elsewhere.

With keeping your body at peace, it also maintains a balance in other relationships and works in your life. Your temper, losing your calm, misunderstandings can lead to messing up in other fields of your life. Imbalance in other fields of your life can lead to stress. Body and mind are interlinked. If mind is not at rest, it will adversely affect your body. You cannot always ensure peace of mind, but you have to take responsibility of it when possible. Taking some time out of your routine to see that you don’t end up in swirls of situation and keep on getting anxious on petty issues. Not losing the clam is what every person should work on, desire to beautify or not. 

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