How to Make More Eco-friendly Events in Banquet Halls in Mumbai?

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A true eco-friendly lifestyle reflects in everything that we do, right from the clothes we choose to wear to the kind of parties we throw. Talking about the latter, there are ample ways to make any gathering eco-friendly, you need the right intention and proper planning. Whether you are planning a wedding reception, a birthday party or a corporate event, you can make any event at any of the banquet halls in Mumbai eco-friendlier.

All that you need is proper pre-planning and making proper decisions at the right point in time to be able to host an eco-friendly event and make an impact.


Here are some easy ways to make your event eco-friendly at banquet halls in Mumbai:

  • Partner with the right planners

There are many planners that specialise in eco-friendly events. Once you partner with like-minded planners, you won’t have to worry about anything as the planners will take care of all the necessary arrangements aligning with your idea of an eco-friendly event.

Even if you are planning the event yourself, you can still reach out to the various vendors that work on green principles. Today, there are ample vendors that have eco-friendly provisions for everything. Contact the right vendors and know about their sustainability practices. Hire their services if they seem to share the same ideologies as you.

  • Select a green venue

When it comes to eco-friendly venues, there is no shortage of them. There are countless banquet halls in Mumbai that are eco-friendly in every sense. These venues have a special sustainability planning department and many other green plans in action.

They make sure that they don’t impact the environment in a negative way and adopt measures to avert the potential damage.

  • The location of the venue

This is an important factor to consider if you want a green event at the banquet hall. If the banquet hall is far away from the city, reaching the venue will increase the carbon footprint in an enormous amount.

Hence, you must select the banquet hall wisely. Consider the distance of the banquet hall from the airport and from the hotel where the guests will stay. A shorter ride to the venue will ensure a lower carbon footprint.

You can also consider a banquet hall that is connected to public transport like metro to limit the carbon footprint. Or, you can also select a banquet hall with accommodation option or a venue that has many accommodation options in walking distance from it.

There are many hotels near Mumbai airport that have large banquet halls, which operate on eco-friendly principles. Organising an event at these banquet halls will cut the carbon footprint altogether.

  • Consider group transportation

If you fail to find a banquet hall in the desired location, it would be better to arrange for shuttle buses or carpools. This will ensure that a large number of guests are transported at once limiting the carbon footprint by large.

  • Manage waste in your event

At any event, be it a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or a social gathering, a lot of waste is generated. To make sure your event is a green one, you must first make provisions to limit the waste or to dispose-off the waste without hampering the environment.

There are many measures to keep a check on the waste. Go for e-invitations instead of sending paper invitations. Use the technology to the optimum and create an event app to pass the word about your event. You can also use social media for this purpose.

In your event, use biodegradable or reusable cutlery and serve ware. Say a no to plastic bottles and use glass bottles and pitchers instead.

Also, use eco-friendly light bulbs throughout the venue.

  • Recycle

Reuse and recycle are the two important pillars of eco-friendliness. To make your event at the banquet halls in Mumbai an eco-friendly event, make sure you reuse and recycle the waste.

You can consider donating all the unused materials like poster boards, used glass bottles, vinyl signs etc. These items can be easily repurposed.

Make it a point to place recycling bins throughout the venue so that your guests can dumb all the recyclable waste into them. Also, make sure to use reusable materials like cloth napkins, reusable flatware, etc.

The Earth has long been suffering because of us, our habits and our negligence. The responsibility to make it a better place lies on us. We can show our love and care for nature by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

So, if you are planning an event, make sure it is an eco-friendly one. Use the above-mentioned tips to make your event at the banquet halls in Mumbai, a green event.

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