How to Maintain Your Physical & Mental Health at the Office

by Faiz Ganafe Internet Marketer

Most times, this is just the perfect excuse pleaded by most people who work in an office or have jobs that don’t require any physical effort

In case you find yourself in the aspects that I just listed above, there are a few things that you can do in order to solve or to prevent the unpleasant and unhealthy situation.

Nothing seems “fishy” within a few weeks, but after two or three months, your scale might deliver a not-so-cool surprise.

Most people are almost 100% convinced that losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle it’s almost impossible if your time limited and you spend at least 8 hours per day behind a desk.

Fortunately for your silhouette, you are 100% wrong, because the only thing you have to do is to pay attention to snacks

  1. Everything prepared by your own hands is a better option.
  2. If you didn’t have enough time or you were too tired, pack a few fruits: apples, oranges and pears are the best options. Fruits will calm your appetite, keeping you full for much longer, unlike chocolate or other unhealthy stuff.
  1. Soups are the simplest recipes ever and they are sooo yummy: choose your favorite ingredients and opt for one from the wide variety.
  2. Vegetables: a bag of sliced carrots of celery is way more delicious and good for your body unlike a bag of chips or salty pretzels.
  3. Yogurt: probably the most popular snack in the world, the dairy product delicious and nutritious.
  4. Nuts and seeds: rich in oils and antioxidants, nuts and seeds are the best when it comes to weight loss because they are satiety.
  5. Grain bars: an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants which stimulate digestion and accelerate the metabolism.


Combat the nasty “vice” of dinning out!

Whenever you satisfy your cravings by eating something yummy (junk food), you skip on controlling the number of calories, the levels of fat and the size of your portion.

Especially when it comes to lunch, we become greedy and because we are always in a rush, we go for those tasty and rich in dressings and sauces sandwiches.

Fatty foods, rich in mayonnaise and all kinds of sauces, not only bring extra-kilos but they also affect the digestive system.

Those moments, right after you eat, when you start feeling drowsy and bloated are determined by these foods.


In order to lose weight or to maintain their silhouette, many women skip this very important meal of the day.

After they realize this was a complete mistake, they engorge on biscuits and snacks.

However, while they consume such products, their stomach continues to produce gastric juice and the result consists in an increased appetite.


What to eat if you’re always in a RUSH

A typical day for you consists in waking up early while those precious minutes are being counted, because you have to prepare, wake up the kids, grab breakfast and arrive to work.

Instead of spending 30 minutes to make toast or sandwiches, grab a fruit yogurt because this product basically has it all: sugar, proteins, minerals salts and fruits.

Exercising at the office

It’s not hard to introduce a little bit of physical exercise into your working routine. On the contrary!

Performing a few exercises at work it’s great for your mind and spirit, as well for you physique.

We would recommend you to go for some quiet treadmill desk for your office as it will enable you to exercise and work at same time, resulting in a healthy and fit lifestyle.  

No issue if you can't afford or get treadmill for you office you can also try the below listed exercises:

1.     Stair climbing
2.     Pushups
3.     Planks and side planks
4.     Wall Sits
5.     Chair Dips
6.     Squats
7.     Leg Lifts


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