How To Maintain Your Inground Swimming Pool

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Well, that’s the big part to consider. There are different options available when it comes to choosing the right materials for the construction of the inground pool, but, what about the maintenance? That is the most critical part of the process. You simply cannot follow a general maintenance process for any and every inground pool available out there. Make no mistake; you need to talk to pool builders regarding the maintenance process in a clear way possible. It is absolutely necessary to develop sound knowledge on the procedure and unsure how things are going on.


One of the bigger responsibilities when it comes to maintenance of inground swimming pools is the skimming of debris and leaves off the surface. However, it may seem to be a boring task since you have to keep on repeating the same process over and over again. To ensure the best of cleanliness, you need to consider skimming to be carried out on a regular basis.  If you can consider affording some additional money, why not look for a robot vacuum that will allow better cleaning of the pool bottom and surface areas with ease? There is several high-quality robot vacuum pool cleaning units available that promise best of pool maintenance with ease. 


Apart from skimming, there is also the need to scrub the sides of the pool. It is highly required to prevent the chances of algae build-up. But that said, the scrubbing must never be done regularly. You can do scrubbing once every alternate week. Simply focus at any growth of the algae and get involved in the scrubbing part. Swimming pool prices depend on the maintenance factor as well. Special pool cleaning scrub brush is available to get the job done, leaving the pool fresh and clean. If there are stubborn spots that are not being removed with elbow greasing, there is another process to follow. Simply fill the space with chlorine and wait for some time. Make sure it sits on the top of the spot for a few hours before trying the scrubbing process once more.  The presence of chlorine will help in loosening the algae and get them removed properly.


Next, you must focus on maintaining the chemical level of the pool. See, it is necessary to balance the chemical levels. The improper chemical level will make the water look murky and will result in causing irritation to the eyes and skin. It can also result in the growth of bacteria in the pool. Testing the chemical level of the water must be done once a week. The Cyanuric Acid level must be in between 30 – 50. A proper sanitizer must be used to keep the pool water safe from germs. The alkalinity and acidity level must be in between 7.5 – 7.8 to prevent any kind of skin irritation. It will also prevent the pool equipment from eroding. The total alkalinity level should be in a range of 60-120 since it helps in balancing the PH level. Additionally, you need to ensure that the calcium level is in between 220-350 to prevent plaster damage.  


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