How To Lower Bun Levels Naturally?

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Normal blood urea nitrogen tells a condition related to the kidneys and liver. It tells the measure of urea nitrogen in your blood. The liver produces urea as a waste when you consume protein but this is conveniently removed by the kidneys. But if the kidneys function gets compromised, the blood urea nitrogen may rise. The normal scope of urea nitrogen in the adult body ought to be between 7 to 20  mg/dL. But this range may differ given your age and lifestyle. BUN increases as you grow older and this is why infant normally has low blood urea nitrogen than grown-ups and other individuals.

What is blood urea nitrogen and how your body removes it?

The liver generates ammonia as a byproduct when the cells and tissues used protein after breaking them up. This chemical product contains nitrogen which consolidates with different components, for example, hydrogen and oxygen to produce urine, another kind of fluid. This substance travels down from the liver to the kidneys with the help of bloodstream. Healthy kidneys sieve blood, keep the important nutrients, and eliminate chemical and other waste like kidneys using the bloodstream.

When your kidneys are not healthy, they have a hard time eliminating urea nitrogen. To test kidney function, the doctor usually does BUN test to check urea nitrogen the blood has. Besides, the liver function is also signified with the help of the BUN test. Ayurveda treats the BUN level with the help of herbs and spices. If it is a sign of some underlying kidney damage, the kidney function can be greatly rectified with the help of ayurvedic medications. 

Reasons why a doctor checks BUN level 

Your healthcare provider completes a blood urea nitrogen test to presume: 

• If you have kidney damage 
• To know different parameters of kidney function 
• It is likewise done at the season of dialysis treatment (when taking hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis) 
• To know if the liver is working properly
• To reveal obstruction in the urinary tract 
• Gastrointestinal bleeding 
• Consumption of high-protein diet also results in high BUN level
• Severe burns 
• Certain prescriptions likewise cause BUN to rise 

Creatinine test together with a BUN test is done to know any abnormality in the kidney function.  Creatinine is a type of chemical waste that your kidneys eliminate from the blood along with the urine. Like a BUN test, the elevated levels of creatinine likewise uncover an indication of damaged kidney. Blood urea nitrogen and creatinine tests can be taken together to check BUN to creatinine proportion to comprehend what caused unhealthy kidney, for example, not drinking enough water also damages the kidneys.  

Other than these two tests, the kidneys capacity can likewise be analyzed through glomerular filtration rate. The eGFR tests tell how well your kidneys are taking out waste from the blood. It is a level of the kidney work you are left with. eGFR of 90 uncovers that your renal capacity is not meeting the intended ratio. 

In the event that the kidney harm is the main concern to check BUN level, then look for the signs that may appear at that stage. These may include:

• Fluid retention that makes the body to swell 
• Nausea, heaviness
• Loss of craving 
• Weakness 
• Dizziness 
• Anemia 
• Puffy eyes 
• Dry and patchy skin 

What are the fundamental reasons for kidney harm? 

There could be a few reasons why your kidney is becoming unhealthy or appearing to be nonfunctional. In most cases, there are some wellbeing conditions harming the channels that pass fluid to and fro from the kidneys and don't allow them to detoxify the blood appropriately. At the point when kidneys come up short or reach near to failure, the waste like BUN and creatinine can't be disposed of effectively. It is thus imperative to consult the ayurvedic specialist for kidney and learn how Ayurveda treats high BUN level

The underlying causes of kidney damage may include: 

• Elevated levels of blood sugar 
• High blood pressure or hypertension 
• Polycystic kidney disease 
• Being age more than 60 
• Having one or more family members with some kidney problems
• Glomerulonephritis 
• Autoimmune diseases such as lupus 

How Ayurveda treats high BUN level? 

Ayurveda is the best solution for treating the underlying harm to the kidneys. With the assistance of Ayurvedic medications, you can rest assured of the total revival of the kidneys and your general wellbeing. By consuming herbal extracts, you can treat high BUN levels with the help of herbs and flavors like Kaasni, Punarnava, Shirish, Gokshuradi Guggul, Dandelion root and numerous others to chip away the damaged cells and tissues. Ayurveda is of the aspect that any kidney issue develops in view of blockage in the channels of the kidneys called mutravaha srotas and the aim of the herbal extracts is to sooth those impediments. In addition, the ayurvedic medications are 100% organic and safe to devour by the patients. 

Karma Ayurveda is an ayurvedic kidney care hospital renders ayurvedic medicines to the patients across the globe. Since 1937, we have been providing only ayurvedic solutions to heal your kidneys and nothing else. If you want to know more about us, contact now!

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