How to Keep the Bright Shine of Your Silver Earrings Intact?

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A little sparkling piece of jewellery has the power to make a woman feel special and unique. Well, it’s not just you who gets drool over silver ornaments but everyone of us for whom life is too short to wear a boring jewellery. Is your favourite thing in your wardrobe is your dainty pair of sterling silver earrings? If yes, then you must’ve been looking for useful tips and tricks to maintain them as silver looks undoubtedly beautiful but is pretty fragile as compared to other commonly used metals. It won’t be wrong to say that sterling silver earrings are one of the best investments you could make. But what if they don’t look fantastic anymore or are not in a pristine condition to reward you with years of shine? In that case, you need to follow a basic routine to make them look the best.

As silver is susceptible to stains, scratches, and can turn dark when it comes to contact with moisture, it’s important for you to clean it yourself with utmost care and precision. Reading this article will help you know how to begin the cleaning process. So without much ado, let’s get started!

A Salt Bath Will Solve the Purpose

Take a bowl and pour two cups of hot water into it. Make sure you use enough water to soak your earrings up to the hilt. It works as a gentle cleaning method that preserves the natural shine of silver without making it look tarnished and discolored. If your chunk of jewellery has dainty & expensive gemstones, then prefer taking advice from a professional cleaner or contact the jeweller to get further clarifications on this matter. Do not take risk as it might cause damage to the gemstones which we’re sure you cannot afford to bear.

Add Salt and Aluminum Foil to Experience the Magic

The next step is to add salt and aluminum foil. One tablespoon of salt added in the bowl of hot water can work wonders. Furthermore, take the required sheet of aluminum foil, tear off a few strips and put them in the bowl. When salt and aluminum are combined together, they react and create a bright surface in place of the tarnish.

Are you an inquisitive soul who needs to know how tarnish happens? Well, let us explain you! When the surface of silver fuses with sulfur, it turns into silver sulfide which is black in color. However, when silver sulfide amalgamates with aluminum and salt, the chemical reaction between these substances turns the silver sulfide back to a lustrous and polished silver. It works faster if the solution you’ve created is made of tepid water and is warm enough. In case you can’t find the table salt near you, you can anytime use baking soda as it has the same properties to initiate the chemical reaction.

Soak Your Silver Earrings in the Solution

Immerse your jewellery in the solution for at least five minutes and stir it around to witness yourself how the tarnish just melts away with this easy peasy trick. The moment you see the silver’s shine getting restored, take out the jewellery from the solution. You can repeat the process whenever you find the need.

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Rinse the Jewellery and Flaunt It

To rinse off the salt, wash your jewellery gently under cool running water. Dry it using a soft cloth or microfiber towel and it will certainly look like a new one. This quick and easy guide will leave your treasure looking brand new. Most importantly, the beautiful detail of your piece will remain intact. Now your earrings are waiting to dazzle every time you need to don them for a party or evening soirée.

Summary: Want to know how to make your silver earrings look as great as you? Here’s a step-by-step guide to clean your silver jewellery in an easy way.

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