How to Keep Clothes from Fading

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If you properly care for your clothes, they will fade less and last longer, saving you money in the long run. In fact, caring for your clothes can extend their life by 15 years or more, compared to about three years if they are worn frequently and not maintained.

Extending the life of your clothes and keeping them in good condition don't have to take hours of effort. It does, however, necessitate some effort and planning. Here are some tips for preventing fading and extending the life of your clothes, which will help you keep your wardrobe budget in check.

Take Care When Washing

Washing clothes in cold water with less detergent is the simplest way to keep them from fading or wearing out. You can also wash shirts with graphics inside out, wash jeans separately so the rough denim doesn't rub shirts raw over time, and wash delicate separately. 

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Avoid the Dryer When Possible

Material such as handloom lungi fades and shrinks when exposed to high temperatures. In fact, the lint balls you remove from your dryer are actually fibres from your clothing. As a result, it's best to use a dryer sparingly and line-dry your clothes whenever possible. Furthermore, heat degrades the elastic fibres in clothing, particularly intimate apparel, causing breakage and stretching. It is preferable to dry such items flat or hang-dry.

Because high heat fades and shrinks fabric, use a dryer sparingly.

If you must use the dryer, a few different products can help you reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes. Dryer balls are placed in the dryer with the clothes to help them dry faster and with fewer wrinkles. Tennis balls, for example, can be used to lift and separate clothes, allowing for better airflow and a faster drying time.

Try a Dye Bath

Do you want to know how to fix faded black jeans or other clothing items? If you wear a lot of dark clothing, you might notice that your blacks aren't quite black. When her outfits start to look dingy, grab a simple black cloth dye and give her items a dye bath. It's a simple process that restores the appearance of your clothing.

Don't Use Dry Cleaning Too Much

Dry cleaning is not only expensive, but harsh chemicals such as starch will harm the fabric. Most men dry-clean their clothes far too frequently. In between dry cleaning visits, it is preferable to steam your clothes at home with a steamer (or in the bathroom during a shower). If you must take them to the cleaners, request that they be laundered — a less stressful option if the tag on the clothing indicates that it can withstand it — and that they are ironed without starch.

Give Your Clothing a Rest

It's simple advice, but it makes sense to rotate your shoes, suits, and other clothing so they're not constantly worn out. Rotation is essential throughout your entire wardrobe. You don't want to wear the same suit on consecutive days. Trousers are subjected to twice the wear and tear as jackets and should be stored in the closet more frequently. Shoes should also be allowed to air out.

Store Everything Properly

If you're not going to wear an outfit for an entire season, Harris recommends storing it carefully. Suits, for example, should be stored for the summer in a breathable canvas bag hung on a suit hanger. It's also a good idea not to overcrowd your closet.

Cheap plastic or wire hangers can stretch out a garment's shoulder.

It's also important to think about how you're hanging up your clothes — and that you're hanging up the right pieces. Cheap plastic or wire hangers can stretch out the shoulder of a garment, while wooden hangers are best for men's suits or heavier items. Wider wooden hangers are more expensive, but they are ideal for preserving the shoulders of a nice suit jacket. Also, keep in mind that knit fabrics should not be hung because the weight of the item will stretch it out over time.

With these simple care instructions, you'll discover that your favourite shirt and perfect pair of pants will last longer. And with the money you'll save by not purchasing replacements, you'll be able to invest in finer fabrics and higher-end clothing, knowing you'll get the most out of each item.

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