How to Keep a Cuff Bracelet from Sliding off Your Wrist?

by Blingin W. Paparazzi Accessories

Cuff bracelet a wristband that's open in the back but spans the wrist. The wearer can put on and take off the bracelet through the opening. There are many paparazzi cuff bracelets, thin or thick, depending on the build quality and size. Most bracelets are snug on the wrist and, when worn, do not move around on the arm.

Cuff bracelets are generally worn below the elbow or on the upper arm, clinging to the arm and remaining. A cuff made of a wire material or springy metal should be worn this way. A traditional thick metal cuff, on the other hand, should not be pushed up toward the elbow, as this will result in a deformed, and the bracelet will slide off the arm. 

You must look for the appropriate shape and wear the cuff properly when wearing thick metal cuffs. Trying to adjust a cuff bracelet frequently will wear it down and cause it to slip, irrespective of how hard you squeeze it. So, you need to care for and wear a paparazzi cuff bracelet properly to protect it from sliding off your wrist.

Thick Metal Cuffs

There are several steps to fit a thick metal paparazzi cuff bracelet on your wrist:

  1. Determine your wrist type, whether it is round or one that is wider and more flattened. Look for a paparazzi cuff bracelet that reflects a shape similar to your wrist. Choose a cuff bracelet with a round "C" shape if you have a plump, round wrist.

  2. Locate the points on your wrists where the wrist bones protrude. With the gap in the cuff facing away from you, hold the cuff with the other hand and drift it over the inside of your lower arm over a half-inch underneath your wrist bones.

  3. Until the solid part of the cuff rests against your arm, wrap the cuff around your forearm.

  4. Slightly pull down the cuff on your arm until it feels snug. If you need to squeeze the cuff to keep it on your arm, you should get a smaller bracelet.

  5. paparazzi cuff bracelet that doesn't fit on the lower part of your arm needs to be placed with double-sided tape on its inside. Wear it on a broader part of your arm, such as somewhere above the elbow. Slide it on as mentioned in the second step, and slowly wrap it over your arm till the cuff's gap faces down and the solid part rests over the outside of your arm. This way, you can place your bracelet on your wrist.

Springy Metal Cuff

These are the steps to fit a springy metal paparazzi cuff bracelet on your wrist:

  1. Choose a spot on your arm to wear the cuff, preferably just below or immediately above the elbow. Once you've worn the cuff in that place, you must continue to wear it in that place only.

  2. Choose a springy metal cuff bracelet made up of wire or aluminum. Ensure the cuff is slightly smaller than your arm's width at the position where the bracelet will be worn.

  3. With the cuff's gap pointing away from yourself, you need to hold the bracelet in your other hand and gently slide it over your arm. Twist the cuff until the gap rests.

  4. Try squeezing the bracelet a bit in order to stiffen it, but do it only if you're certain this is the best place for it to fit. If the cuff slides around too much, try it in a broader part of your arm.

  5. Keep on wearing the cuff in the same spot every time, and don't let anyone else put it on. Squeeze the bracelet only a few times to keep the metal's strength and shape.

That's how you can prevent your paparazzi cuff bracelet from sliding off your wrist. Meanwhile, you are wearing it, ensure that you adjust it occasionally; otherwise, it will start slipping from your hand.

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