How to Increase Sperm Count: Decoded

by Sushil G. Online Marketing Analyst Sometimes Bloggers too
Often male infertility issues, in contrast to female fertility, remains rather mysterious and little researched. This ignorance about fertility in men is alarming because sperm counts seem to have been decreasing steadily and significantly for decades.

The issues involved, however, are so hopelessly tangled up with preconceived ideas about gender roles and identity that they are being neglected. So, read further to know more about this ignorant but alarming issue. 

What is Sperm Count?

It is the average number of sperms contained in one sample of semen. It is a pertinent determinant for men’s fertility and is one of the many factors that are assessed during routine semen analysis. A normal sperm count ranges from 15 million to greater than 200 million sperms per ml of semen. Numbers below 10 million per ml of semen is considered a low sperm count.

Why is it significant?

For couples planning their own kids, male infertility blocks their road to a complete family. In fact, about 33% of couples face trouble conceiving due to issues in male fertility. Moreover, as per the public experts, the issues are only getting grave.

The significance of sperm counts lies in the fact that men’s sperm plays a pivotal role in normal pregnancy. So, you might wonder that for normal conceiving to take place, a single sperm and one egg (from female ovaries) are needed; then why a certain amount of sperm count is necessary in men? The answer is simple. More sperms mean more odds of conceiving a child through an intercourse. When a man ejaculates semen into a woman’s vagina, there are chances that one of the sperms will do the work and implant itself into an egg. So, consequently, less sperm count drops the chances of fertilization taking place. 

What defines a healthy sperm?

It is indeed true that sperm count is a major indicator of fertility in men, but it is not the sole factor that comes into play. So, here are a few points that define the health of your sperm: 

Quantity of sperm present in your semen. Men who have less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen are considered with low sperm count. 

Sperm motility which implies to how well your sperm moves and reaches to implant an egg.

Morphology, viz. the size& shape of your sperm. The normal sperm has an oval head and a long tail. However, abnormal sperms are the one with misshaped heads or tail or with multiple tails. 

Why sperm count drops? 

There is not any accurate reason to pinpoint the cause of low sperm count. However, scientist and fertility specialists believe that - our imbalanced lifestyle, junk diet, obesity, and lack of knowledge about sperm’s health could be causing the problem in present times. 

But, if you take timely steps to maintain the overall health of your reproduction system, the problem can averted. So, here are few tips & practices you can incorporate in your life to increase the sperm count or avoid the issue of low sperm count. 

Steps one should follow to increase Sperm Production

Regular Exercise

Exercise is good for health, not only pertaining to the health of your sperms but to improve your fitness. It helps you stay active and lead a routine that improve your sperm count. When you exercise, the heart pumps more blood in all parts of your body and thus give a boost to your reproduction system’s health too. A study says that weight lifting and outdoor exercises are more beneficial for your sperm health than other sort of exercises. 

Obesity is one of the prime reasons of issues in sperm strength. So, exercise helps you shed weight and resultantly achieve better sperm count. 

Eat Right

Eat food that is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants rich foods help tackle the free radicals in your body which is caused by oxidative stress.

You should include these foods in your daily diet to gain maximum benefits. For instance, you can add berries in your breakfast or a bowl of spinach in your lunch. This will help you get good amount of antioxidant. 


Studies show that vitamins E and C not only elevate the amount of sperms produced within your body, but also improve the sperm shape. 15 milligrams per day of vitamin E is recommended for adults.

Vitamin C is another vitamin that helps sperms to gain good concentration and mobility. Some other vitamins, like vitamins D, C, E, & CoQ10, also play a significant role in maintaining your sperm health.

Avoid alcohol

High intake of alcohol leaves adverse effect on your health and does not even spares your sperm health. Drinking too much, which means more than 1-2 drinks per day, curbs your efforts to boost sperm health. So, next time you go for a drink, remember this point. 

Substance addicts mat consult best doctors to quit the habit and take solace in the various medical treatments available today.

Wear loose Underwears

Skin tight underwear’s or pants could result in your testicles being overheated and resultantly prove hazardous for your sperm count. 

Wear underwear or boxers which are comfortable, preferably of cotton fabric. It allows perfect air flow and maintains the temperature. 

Apart from the above tips, it is crucial for you to know that a positive outlook is all you need to combat anything in life and so the problem of less sperms. 

Sushil Gautam working with Usma Clinic is an online marketing expert and a blogger with expertise in writing for topics related to health, lifestyle, relationships, diets, and tips for healthy lifestyles. You can follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

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