How to Increase Productivity at Work

by Emma L. Business consultant

We do our best to keep the nose to the grindstone, yet productivity somehow slips through the cracks. Partly, this predicament is the result of many misconceptions and myths floating around. We try to add as many things to our schedules as possible, assuming that is the only way to go. Well, you can decide to either work more hours or start working smarter. The second option might be the best in terms of benefits it provides. Here is how to make a positive change and get more things done every day.

Work, cut and dried

First off, embrace a proactive approach and take a good look at how you manage your time. With the help of digital tools like Rescue Time, you can track how long it takes you to complete daily tasks. At the same time, keep an eye on breaks and unwinding routines. The trick is not to eliminate them. On the contrary, research has shown that they are necessary in order to maintain concentration and peak performance. Exercise breaks are particularly beneficial in this regard.

Furthermore, you have to mind your sleeping and eating habits. Stay hydrated, get enough shut-eye time, and supply your body with essential nutrients. You would be surprised how much these things can help in navigating the daily hustle and bustle. You can also purchase cheap supplements as well as performance-enhancing products. Just do not expect miracles and use them as an icing on the cake rather than the main dish.

Time at your side

If you have small windows of time, make the most of them and handle small tasks. Do not postpone them because you will only make them accumulate. Tackle obligations one by one and steer away from multitasking, a practice that is actually a productivity inhibitor as it constantly forces your brain to switch back and forth between various assignments. Pay close attention to how “small” interruptions like phone calls, emails, notifications, and alerts affect your performance.

Make an effort to tone down this barrage of digital hindrances. Likewise, identify the chief time-consumers. In general, most of the unproductive time is spent at meetings. This is unacceptable in the light of all the communication and collaboration tools that lie at our disposal. Thus, think outside the box and utilize impromptu, cyber, and standing meetings. Open the channels of communication and interact with your colleagues with the help of platforms such as Basecamp.

Do not break your back

Most experts agree that 90-minute intervals are the building blocks that support peak productivity. So, create daily and weekly to-do lists according to this. Know that deadlines can be a good thing, especially if you set them yourself, even for open-ended projects. Manageable bits of self-imposed stress keep you going instead of impeding your productivity. Moreover, you will gain a much-needed sense of direction and focus.  

Abandon the futile endeavor of chasing perfection. It weighs you down and never really bears fruit. Finally, keep in mind that the work environment has a profound impact on your mood, motivation, and productivity levels. Studies have found that visually pleasing elements such as plants, pretty pictures, scenic views, and nice colors improve the productivity by 15%. So, if you can, spruce up your immediate surroundings.

Full steam ahead  

To step up at your work, you have to be in control when it comes to how you spend your workday. Take a deep breath and strive not work harder, but to work smarter. Do away with interruptions and unfinished projects and embrace good habits to avoid running out of steam. Fine-tune your work patterns and tweak the workplace. Using these tips, you should be able to move tasks off your plate one at a time, stay on top of your business game, and get through the day with a bang.

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