How to Improve Your Kidney Health with Ayurveda and Grapes

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Chronic kidney disease is a slow and steady progressive loss of kidney functioning over the years, and in the end, a person might develop kidney failure.


The kidneys function to filter extra water out of your blood and to make urine. Basically, kidney disease means that the kidneys are damaged and are no more capable of filtering blood the way they should.

A person has a higher risk of developing kidney disease if they are a patient with diabetes or high blood pressure. For people experiencing kidney failure, treatments include ayurvedic treatment for chronic kidney disease. Other kidney problems are cysts, acute kidney injury, infections, and kidney stones.

Chronic kidney disease treatment in ayurveda focuses on slowing the increase of kidney damage, basically by controlling the major cause. However, it’s not necessary that controlling the main cause of kidney damage might not help keep kidney damage from progressing. CKD can progress to end-stage kidney failure, fatal without proper CKD ayurvedic treatment.


It’s essential that people take utmost care of themselves if suffering from chronic kidney disease.

People should pay attention to what they are consuming while eating and drinking. CKD is a severe condition which inefficient functioning of the kidneys. It’s crucial to live a healthy lifestyle and stay well hydrated in order to keep kidneys healthy.

Stay Hydrated 

Drinking enough water, as insufficient consumption of water, leads to kidney problems. Water flushes out the toxins from the body from time to time. Also, it’s recommended that a person must drink at least eight glasses of water per day so that the kidneys function properly. Nonetheless, If a person already has kidney disease, then the doctor will recommend reduced water intake.

Vitamin C is essential.

As we all know, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects body tissues from oxidative stress, which in turn promotes kidney health.

Also, there are studies that show that vitamin C prevents the kidney from scarring at the time of acute kidney infection and boosts the enzymes within the kidneys. People can eat foods and consume vitamin C supplements that are heavy in this nutrient.

Avoid alcohol and coffee.

The most important function of the kidney is to filter out harmful toxins and substances, and caffeine and alcohol need extra pressure from the kidneys, and this can disturb the healing process from an infection or any disease.

Not only this, antibiotics and alcohol should not be combined together; therefore, avoid alcohol at the time of treatment for this reason also.

Take both apple and apple juice.

Apples are dense in nutrients. The high acid content in them helps the kidneys maintain the acid amount in the urine, probably inhibiting the additional growth of bacteria. Apples also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can be proven beneficial in helping the kidneys heal from the infection.

Lemon Juice and Honey

The powerful combination of honey and lemon juice is the best way to keep the body healthy and working. Lemon and honey have fantastic health benefits on the person’s overall health. 

Lemons have plenty of citric acids, which fight kidney stones by increasing the urine citrate level. Regularly consuming lemon juice with honey decreases kidney stone pain and dissolves the sone naturally ad quickly.

How beneficial are grapes for kidney health?

A major reason for kidney disease among Indians is diabetic nephropathy. However,  a person can avoid the risk of kidney diseases by safeguarding their health through grapes consumption. Numerous studies have confirmed that extracts of grape seeds and resveratrol, a compound found in grapes is effective in protecting the kidneys, particularly from diabetics. People can improve their kidney health by consuming grape juice and by adding at least 15 grapes per day to their diet, according to the recommendation of the National Kidney Foundation. Below are mentioned the ways in which grapes are beneficial for the kidneys. Besides this red grapes also boosts immunity.

Help Prevent Kidney Disease

Grapes have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms as the compound resveratrol reduces the risk of damage caused by ischemia, a condition in which the blood flow is reduced in a part of the body. 

Can reverse kidney damage

A study published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism has found that the compounds found in grape seed and skin can reverse kidney damage caused by a high-fat diet. Obese people are more prone to kidney damage as it can lead to the depletion of copper from the kidney, among other complications. Grape is a great source of antioxidants, which protects the body against oxidative stress.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure

As per ayurveda, kidney disease is caused because of blockage of the srotas or moment of body channels. The mutra vaha srotas, involved with this occurrence, controls the body fluid in and out of the kidneys and transports pee. Swelling develops anyhow whether the active channels are reserved or not. For instance, Punarnava is a potent Ayurvedic herb that helps clear these channels, revives kidney functions, and reduces edema. Ayurvedic treatment for chronic kidney disease focuses on protecting the kidneys, revitalizing their filtration limit, and improving the overall functioning of the kidneys. Chronic kidney disease, ayurvedic treatment has the potential to get rid of the need for dialysis.

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