How to Improve Your Joint for a Better Smoking Experience

by James Spencer Blogger

Are you fond of weed smoking and love to roll joint or blunt wraps on your own to enrich your smoking experience? In this content, you will get to know how to master it with a few supplies. With all in one smoking kit, you will get space to roll the joints, and to place the tools like grinders, tips and to hold the rolled joint. With all in one smoking kit, you can carry all the supplies on-the-go wherever you want. Here are a few ways explained to make your smoking experience better with it-



  • Get a Grinder:A grinder is a key element to prepare the herbs to pour in the rolled paper. With it, you can avoid the sicky and smelly fingers. It will produce the herb with a fine and consistent grind that will help to shape the joint by avoiding the stems and lumps. 

  • Choose a Cigarette Paper: Choose any from the classic rolling paper brands for the finest taste and clear burn. Larger papers are easier to roll. Working with tiny joint papers is quite frustrating after a few failed attempts. To fix this issue, experts suggest using the large-size papers and take the proper amount of cannabis to ensure easier shaping. 

  • Open it Entirely: Unwrap and cut the cigar with a knife in a straight line. In this way, you can take the guts out. However, you shouldn’t take guts out forcibly, at it can tear the cigar. It is a better alternative to use nails and open up the cigar in the straight line.

  • Pour the Herb and Seal the Opening: To keep the cut cigar open, you have to moisten it. Next to it, just fill the space with herbs. Now it comes to shaping the blunt, and it must be done upward. At the time of tucking the wrap around the weed, don’t make the blunt tight. Secure the edge of the blunt just by pressing it down. 

  • Arrange Slowly Before Rolling: Have you ever noticed that some joints appear like they have a small pooch in the middle? It’s just because of the careless organisation. All you need to do is fix it with your fingertip and position your bud properly. 

  • Roll it Patiently: It’s difficult to roll the joints if the ground cannabis is all over the place. Arrange it neatly before you take a paper and tube it on the tray. After arranging the bud, roll the paper back and forth on the tray and see how the roll behaves. If it doesn’t come down to cylindrical shape, you won’t get the tight tuck you are looking for. 

  • Glass Filter Tip for Clean Smoking: Upon installing the blunt into the glass filter tip, you would feel less heat to your mouth and hands. And the best part is it doesn’t touch your skin. 

So, is it pre-made glass joint filter tip or you want to make it using cardboard- both of it will give your joint some stability. It also makes the paper wrap your joint bottom tightly. So, there will be fewer chances of crumbled joints. 

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