How to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop

by John Martin Engineer

A dedicated gaming desktop will give you a more vibrant experience in terms of performance than a dedicated gaming laptop. But you can make several custom settings that will help you increase your laptop’s performance and will provide you a more luxurious experience when you play any of your favorite games on it. If the settings are incomplete or do not match with the requirements of the game, then it might not run as smoothly as it could have been.

You can take these measures to improve the gaming performance of your laptop.

1.      Cleanliness

The first and foremost step that is required to improve your laptop’s performance is cleanliness. It not only plays an essential role in keeping your laptop’s productivity last long but gives you a much better experience in terms of performance while you are playing a game or working on any specific task on it. Physical maintenance can be done to keep your laptop clean even though you cannot clean every component of your laptop because you ‘ll have to open it. By doing so, you may lose the brand warranty which the company gives you when you purchase a laptop. But you can do some physical cleansing of your laptop’s outer components with some necessary steps like Cleaning dust and dirt from your keyboard, screen, the speaker part, which is slightly above the keyboard, USBs, and several other ports. This process will help prevent the risk of reduced airflow, which results in heating up of the processor, graphics processing unit, and several other laptop components due to which the laptop’s performance slows down.

§  Update Drivers for Better Experience

Be it laptops or PCs; you get driver updates on both the platforms, and you should update them from time to time. It will help improve the efficiency and performance of the operating system and give you improved and lag-free experience. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, designer, video creator, or standard laptop or PC user, you should keep your device drivers up to date.


§  Install DirectX

Many of the laptops already have this collection of APIs installed on them. DirectX is a collective term for software tools that are used for handling tasks related to different fields of multimedia. DirectX is mainly used in the gaming field to promote better and improved graphics.  Over the years, Microsoft has already released various versions of DirectX. If you still don’t have it on your laptop, you can download it from the official Microsoft website.


§  Improve Efficiency of Your Graphic Card by Overclocking

You will have a good gaming experience if you have a better graphic card. If in case, you think your graphic card is not up to the mark, then you may overclock your graphics processing unit. It might feel a bit risky if you are doing it for the first time. Need not worry; a slight overclocking will not harm your graphic card. But it will surely consume much battery and indirectly more electricity to recharge your laptop. So, to balance that, you may make some adjustments in your laptop’s power consumption settings like keeping your laptop in battery saving mode, keeping the display a bit low or by clearing the apps running in the background, and so on. A slight overclock of 10 – 15% is recommended and is more than enough. Overclocking might heat your Graphics Processing Unit. So, to prevent that, you will have to regularly GPU fans and the heatsinks.


§  Other Recommended Settings

We recommend you to perform several other settings like:


1.      Check for the Network Connection: If you are playing an online game before you launch your game, make sure that you have checked the network speed. It will ensure that you don’t get interrupted in between the gameplay because of the network connections.


2.      Turn on Game Mode: All the Windows 10 laptops have a preinstalled Xbox application that provides features like Game Mode, Screen Recording and Streaming. You may turn on the game mode for having ideal settings for playing.


3.      Close Background Apps: As soon as you turn on the game mode, some apps will automatically turn off. But, for the rest of the apps, you can individually select the ones you feel are not in use. Doing this will help in increasing the frames per second of your laptop screen.


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