How to Help Your Kid Deal with The Fear of Needle Vaccination?

by Dr. Payal Sharma Practitioner @ Brooklyn Pediatrics
Vaccinations for children are vital for their health, but they don’t like getting them because they tend to be painful. You too can’t do much about it. Nevertheless, you can help your kid to overcome his fear of vaccine shots, thereby making your trips to the doctor a better experience. 

Here are a few suggestions that you can follow to reduce your kid’s anxiety around this.

Being Vague Can Be Helpful

Revealing all details early on before visiting doctor’s office can mess up things. The kid may start worrying about it even when there is still some time left for the appointment. So, it is better you don’t tell your kid everything, especially about the shot. However, if he asks, do tell him the truth. But, you don’t have to be direct in your answer. You can instead say that the doctor will see the chart and then let us know. It will help him in keeping calm until then.

Don’t Lie or Deny That Vaccines Hurt

Sometimes parents either lie to their kids to save the hassle or brush their concerns aside by saying that vaccine shots are not painful. It will break their trust for you and also they will pick up the habit of lying. So, be honest with your kid by telling him that it will pain for a brief moment. Also, when the procedure completes, show some smile and happiness on your face so that he knows it is over.

Avert Physical Pain by Distraction Techniques

Nowadays, anesthetic creams are available on the market. You have to apply the cream to the particular spot 20 minutes prior to the needle shot. It numbs the area so that your kid doesn’t feel the pain. You can take advice from your doctor about the brand.  Apart from this, you can distract your kid’s attention by doing some funny things such as playing I Spy or teasing him with funny faces.

Adopt Measures for Immediate Pain Relief

After your child gets the vaccination, make him sit or put his head on your lap for a couple of minutes so that he does not feel dizzy or light-headed. One can experience these conditions if he or she tries to get up fast after the shot. Another thing you can do is applying an ice pack to the sore spot (soreness or swelling can occur due to injection) for nearly 10 minutes for relief. Additionally, if your kid still has pain, you can ask your doctor to recommend a painkiller. 
Reward Your Kid

A small reward can help your kid to put up with the pain to a great extent. You can treat him with his favorite foods, or take him out for his favorite activity after. The very thought of getting a treat can make him look forward to something exciting after the painful experience, thereby distracting his attention also.

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