How to grow your business: Explore the power of video marketing

by Jerry S. Jerry Stark is a professional writer and publisher

So, you’re lost right now. You don’t know what to do anymore to make your company thrive. You’ve got the best of intentions, but you’re quite overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Where are you supposed to start? Here’s an idea: integrate engaging video into your marketing campaigns. Anyone who tells you that video marketing isn’t the future of marketing is severely mistaken. Internet users from around the world enjoy video content. As a matter of fact, the demand for video is increasing given that roughly 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business that they support. 

If you wish to stay ahead of the competition, use video marketing. It’s the best addition to your promotion toolbox. Perhaps you’re still having doubts being convinced that video isn’t a format easy to digest. Well, consumers are always on the go, so video platforms such as YouTube are more relevant than ever. The world watches billions of hours of YouTube videos every day. Why? Because of the content, which allows them to graze and skim. The point is that if you don’t use video marketing, you’ll be missing out on a very important opportunity.

Let’s understand what video marketing is, shall we? 

You need a video marketing strategy, there’s no doubt about that. Video is of paramount importance to your outreach and campaign efforts. Video marketing is basically the use of video to promote your brand, product, or service. In other words, it’s the ability to deploy produced video narrative as a way of communicating to any of the business constituents, whether partners or customers. The digital medium represents a combination of storytelling and television to imitate the ease and authenticity of social media. 

You can use different types of video in your marketing campaign 

Do you have sufficient resources to create and use video content in your marketing? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck because you can catch people’s eyes. In this post-text world, video will come to dominate every communication channel. After having identified your objective, take a close look at the different types of video available. Generally speaking, there are 4 types of video: 

  1. Explainers – These short-form videos educate audiences about the company’s product, service, or business idea in an efficient way. Explainer videos work great for companies like Twitter, which provide services hard to describe. Not only do they make the value proposition more obvious but they also increase retention rates. 

  2. Interviews – Interviews draw attention to 1 or 2 people answering questions. They encourage conversation. It’s best if the interviewee is someone the public already knows, such as an influencer or an industry expert. 

  3. Product reviews and demo videos – Given that mobile phones have become the mainstream; it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people don’t want to read boring product reviews. Give your audience a sample, trial, or a freebie and ask them to share the video. You’ll find out how the product is doing if it has lots and lots of comments. 

  4. Live videos – These video-types engage viewers on the spot in ways that other formats can’t. If you want to get personal with your audiences for better relationships, take advantage of live videos. Break the fourth wall between you and consumers. 

Video marketing is king! If the why is powerful the how is easy 

Using video content as a marketing tool isn’t exactly a new idea. The only thing that’s new is the increasing importance both consumers and marketers are placing on it. In what follows, we’ll present some of the benefits that come with using video to its fullest potential: 

Video marketing gives you a good ROI 

It’s critical to have a good understanding of your efforts. ROI is simply a metric used to establish the effectiveness of your marketing spend. According to OptinMonster, approximately 89% of video marketers affirm video content provides them a good return on the investment. In spite of the fact that video production isn’t a simple task, it’s worthwhile because it shows great ROI. Speaking of which, there are businesses proficient in planning, filming, and editing of video content. If you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Technology demands more video 

Technology is always introducing new ideas. The good news is that the current innovations are optimal for video content. Video content can be easily optimized for mobile devices, which in turn increases the number of consumers on the go. What is more, thanks to Facebook’s feature autoplay, the video will start playing as soon as the user loads the page on which it appears. It doesn’t matter if the marketing material is included in social media posts, emails, or on your company website. It will draw high levels of attention. 

Video sparks emotional connections 

Creating an emotional connection with people is important, to say the least. Emotionally-connected customers have the tendency to buy more. An emotional connection makes your business stand out in the crowd, creating loyalty with the passage of time. Video content does just that – in other words, it helps spark emotional connections making people happy and excited, not to mention all the feelings in-between. Keep in mind that you’re not making a commercial. If you want to trigger an emotional response, tell a compelling story. 

Final considerations 

If you’ve had no experience with video marketing until this point, you’re sure to make some mistakes along the way. Recording clips without a plan is simply a recipe for disaster. Determine what you want to obtain from your marketing campaign. In this sense, it might be helpful to answer these questions: Who are you? Does anyone care? How can you help potential customers? What problems are you trying to solve? Make a plan and stick to it. 

Most importantly, don’t tell unnecessary stories. The message should be brief and to the point. Always try to evoke a certain emotion in your viewers and ensure the quality of the video is solid. If not, it may not have the desired impact. If you’re completely new to this or simply don’t want to get involved, hire someone who does. 

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