How to grow your brand 10X faster on Instagram

by The Yellow Coin PR Agency in Delhi

Do you know that with right steps it is possible for you to gain more than a 1000 followers on Instagram per week?

When the revolutionary app was launched, it was a mere platform for sharing photos. But over the years, Instagram has grown into a platform that can help one grow their business faster. Today, the app serves as a conduit for millions of businesses to reach their target audience with ease and efficiency. But getting followers on Instagram is a task easier said than done. Here are some tips from the top companies that provide social media marketing services, that can help you increase your follower count instantly!

Test Your Content

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that if you want people to come to you, you need to post content they’d enjoy. Many brands make the mistake of thinking that what they like themselves is what other people would like too – it isn’t often the case. Obviously, as a brand, you need to post content that would help you promote yourself, but you have to be intelligent about it.

Test out different schemes to see what your audience is liking and what it isn’t, and change the way you present your content accordingly. For instance, if you were posting a DIY tutorial, a video would be a much better option than an image full of instructions.

Start leveraging IGTV

Many people upload videos on Instagram but are you uploading your videos on IGTV? Any company that provides social media marketing services would tell you that uploading videos to IGTV is much more beneficial for gaining followers than simply uploading them on your account.

IGTV is a new channel that Instagram wants to push hard. Given that it has been around for a while, there still aren’t a lot of people that are using it. So the moment you start leveraging IGTV, you’ll notice that your numbers will start growing up.

Get ultra-creative with your content.

Constantly be on the lookout for newer ways of reaching and engaging your audience. Many times you may have to resort to cheesy tactics for audience engagement, like asking them to double tap the photo if they too are having a good day – or something else like that. But if you want your business to grow, you sometimes have to play to people’s vulnerabilities – cheesy as they might be.

Leverage micro-content

People are often under the misapprehension that they always have to post mega content in order to get people’s attention. That is not true. You just need to be active. Uploading byte sized posts does just as much work as uploading greater posts. In fact, more than anything, it helps you to retain your followers as people refrain from following accounts that aren’t active.

Upload stories regularly

One of the best ways to get people’s attention on Instagram is to regularly use stories. Since Instagram wants to crush Snapchat, its algorithms are giving wider reach to accounts that are uploading more stories. Also, stories help establish the nature of your account helps you get genuine followers.

 If you follow all these techniques mentioned above, you’ll do great on Instagram. And another bonus tip for you is to engage with people – and not just in terms of likes, comments and shares. While those are good, you must make use of the Instagram live feature. When you go live and interact with your audience, you develop an emotional connection that makes people want to follow you. Hopefully, you’ll follow these tips and get success with your business on Instagram.

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