How to Get the Best Out of Your Apple Car Charger

by Sandeep M. Tour and travel

Even as phones have become smarter, we tend to download more apps, browse the web, as also view streaming content on the big and bright screens; battery capacity has not kept pace with our demands. According to recent statistics by, users are on their phones for as many as 16 hours per day. When we are constantly using our phones, it becomes close to impossible to last the entire day on a single charge. Considering the time we spend traveling in our cars, it only seems logical to have a car charger to keep the battery going longer. In modern day life, an Apple phone charger is a must-have accessory so that you can charge your phone as you drive to your destination. Some tips and alerts that will be useful for extending the life of your phone and the battery:

Buy A Charger That Is Compatible With Your Phone

The most fundamental check that you should perform while buying an Apple car charger India is to see that it is compatible with your iPhone. If the charger and the phone are not compatible with each other, the phone battery will simply not be charged so you would have ended up wasting your money on an accessory that is useless for you. If you have multiple phones, some of which may be Android-powered, then you will either need to buy compatible chargers for both Apple and Android phones or a charger that comes with multiple connectors that are compatible with most common phone models.

Do not degrade the Performance of Your Phone Battery

There are many people who keep their phones connected to a car charger even when the battery is fully charged under the impression that it is best for the battery. However, regrettably, keeping the charger connected all the time actually ends up stressing out the phone battery and reducing its life. The best way of extending the life of your battery is to disconnect it from the charger once it is fully charged and only recharge when the battery is exhausted. Even though most modern phones have auto-shut-off circuitry built in, being cautious can pay off handsomely.

Switch Off the Phone for Faster Charging

When you are really low on battery and you need your iPhone to charge quickly, it can help to first switch it off. When a phone is on, it constantly drains power due to its display and the antenna constantly seeking signals both voice and data. When you turn your phone off, the consumption of power is reduced to zero and the charger can work far more efficiently to top off the battery.


While the earlier mentioned tips will help to get the best performance out of your car phone charger, you should also not forget to unplug the charger form the 12v socket when it is not required to charge a phone. Though it may seem irksome, unplugging it has two significant benefits; the charger itself does not get overheated and also does not drain the car battery, leaving you in trouble unexpectedly. 



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