How to get rid of Acne or Acne Vulgaris scarring

by Luke B. Face Doctors Remuera

Worried about those irritating spots on your body and face! We know the feeling. Most of us have been through it. Acne also known as Acne Vulgaris, can be a major personality crisis for a lot of us. Yes, we agree that it is just a phase and may fade away with time, but, it surely leaves unwanted reminders of unattractive body marks. Acne is known to appear on the face, around the mouth, chin, nose and lips; especially during puberty or before periods/menstrual cycle and can also resurface if not taken care of, on time.  It is a complicated and time consuming task to get rid of the aftermath caused by acne pimples. But well, there are certain dos and don’ts one can follow, to be prepared and minimise those after marks. A lot of people prefer using options such as natural detox and professional treatments in clinics such as Face Doctors Remuera in Auckland, to take care of acne spots.

First and foremost, it is important to try and not pick on or squeeze acne pimples to avoid skin marks or blemishes. Doing this will reduce chances of acne scars. However, at times even without touching acne spots it can cause scarring, due to associated and intense, collagen-damaging skin inflammation.  However, thanks to our ever growing technological world, we now have various burgeoning remedial procedures to find an acne treatment that works best with your skin type, be it old scars or new.

Acne spots or acne scars come in three types: Atrophic (mostly shallow), Boxcar (deep shaped) and Ice pick (deeper and narrow shaped). Presence of former cystic blemish lesions develop acne scars. Commonly, high skin tones experience darkening of scars or hyperpigmentation and lighter skin tones shoot redness of the scars or erythema.

It all sounds too worrying, we understand. But, you are not the only one! Reportedly for severe acne issues, from Natalie Portman converting to strict vegan diet, to Chloe Grace Moretz using Accutane medication (a reported permanent cure to acne), to Rihanna giving up alcohol and overdoing drinking water, acne struggles of celebrities is not an alien topic. As per news, the likes of Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry have opted for professional treatments similar to services offered by clinics such as Face Doctors Remuera and other medications to get rid of scars and blemishes.

Speaking of professional acne scar treatments, here a few services you can think about:

Filter Injections: It is beneficial filling the hollowness from deep acne scars.

Salicylic Peels: This course helps with scarring extensively. It causes epidermis to peel off easily and quickly which helps speed up cell replacement, followed by production of elastin and collagen; for smooth and fresh skin growth.

Dermalrolling: This course too helps in reducing acne scarring. Usage of Dermalroller on the skin activates epidermis renewal naturally. It stimulates and compliments collagen and elastin production followed by plumping and smoothening out of the areas with acne scars.

Microdermabrasion: Lightest forms of acne scarring can be helped with this treatment. Microdermabrasion is a non-intrusive process based on the concept of exfoliation and dead skin removal giving you evenly smooth skin. It also increases cell turnover giving you fresh and rejuvenated skin but, is not as intense as Dermalrolling or Salicylic Peels.

Face Doctors Remuera and other such places provide advanced acne treatments with the help of qualified professionals and safe procedures. Our skin is fragile, delicate and naive. It needs proper care and treatment. If you are in double mind about ‘What to do?’ do not hesitate to take a professional opinion. While acne or acne vulgaris remain a common problem, every skin is different and has a life of its own. Do not neglect it, as life happens just ones!

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