How to get relief from constant lower back pain?

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The lower back region is the region behind the abdomen and the rib cage to the pelvic region, also known as the lumbar region. It can easily get affected by not taking care of sitting posture, sleeping posture or necessary nutrients in the diet. Nearly everyone experiences some sort of lower back pain at least once in their life. It has no single or certain treatment, it often takes a whole process of trial and error to analyze that what works best. Physicians observe the cause of lower back pain and then recommend the treatment.   

If a person is not taking any treatment for his pain then ultimately he will suffer from constant lower back pain, so it is necessary to schedule a treatment plan in order to get rid of the condition. Some of the treatments to get lower back pain relief are:   

·         Chiropractic Care

A regular chiropractic care have found to be an effective therapy at providing relief for lower back pain. It is necessary to perform this adjustment with other treatments like regular stretching and strengthening exercises, hot and cold massages or soft tissue therapies.    

·         Regular Full-Body Exercise

It is highly recommended by the health care professionals to perform exercise on daily basis in order to get rid of constant lower back pain. These regular exercises must include cardio, aerobic, strengthening and stretching exercises. It also helps in reducing pain, increasing flexibility, decreasing inflammation, reducing muscular weakness and maintaining a balanced weight.       

·         Try Oils and Ointments to Reduce Pain

There are a number of pain relieving ointments which ease the pain by blocking the pain sensation. For instance, topical medications help in desensitizing the channels of pain in the affected area. These medications are equally effective as oral ones. These ointments come in the form of creams, patches, gels etc. Some of the commonly used topical medications are Diractin, Lidoderm, Comfrey, Voltaren, Dolgit, Brazilian Arnica etc.  

·         Improve your Posture

Working at a computer all day is the major reason behind the constant lower back pain. It can be treated just by improving the posture of your body while working. Studies have proved that considering ergonomics to set your workstation helps in reducing lower back pain. Don’t lean on your monitor screen rather adjust your monitor screen on the same level of your eyes.

·         Medications

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Over-the-Counter pain medications help in reducing constant lower back pain in collaboration with physical therapy. Some common NSAIDs include: Aspirin, Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Bufferin, Ecotrin etc.   

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