How to Get a Clean Room at Hotels near Vadodara Bus Stand?

by Areeb Khan Professional Laundry Attendant

The Hotels near Vadodara Bus Stand receive hundreds of thousands of guests every year. The hotel room where you are staying has been used by thousands of your likes. The bathroom that you are using has been used by many other guests. The bed you are sleeping on has been the bed of many other travelers before. But it ideally shouldn’t make you worried because these hotels take a great amount of care when it comes to hygiene and sanitization.

Every hotel in Vadodara practice hygiene measures to create a clean and germ-free environment for their guests. They clean every single room every day. They remove the bed sheet every time a guest leaves the room. They clean the bathrooms regularly. And, do many other things to keep the hotel clean.

However, if your hygiene obsession is at a very different level, you can use the following measures to ensure that you are getting a clean room. Here is how to get a clean room at hotels near Vadodara bus stand

Don’t book the hotel until you read the reviews

There are many reports stressing that many travelers fell ill just because of staying at an unhygienic accommodation. They fall prey mainly to stomach infections. To avoid any such uncalled-for situation while traveling, you must book a hygienic hotel.

If you want to stay at the most hygienic hotel, read what the former guests have to say about your potential choice. There are many review sites where you can come face to face with the reputation of the hotel you are eyeing on.

There are many hotel review sites that have a special category for cleanliness evaluation. The travelers post their opinions and experiences which could be very helpful in deciding whether the hotel is clean or not.

So, visit your favorite travel website, filter the search and check whether the hotel is really clean or not.

Trust bigger names

If you are expecting hygiene at 1- or 2-star hotels, you are looking at the wrong place. Generally, budget hotels don’t pay a lot of attention to cleanliness. You may never know if you are sleeping on the same bed sheet someone slept on a night before. You may not know whether the glassware is washed with the tap water in the bathroom. Even thinking about it can give you jitters.

You must not put yourself on the risk of getting infected and hence, you must drop the idea of booking budget 1- or- 2-star hotels. Instead, you must only trust the bigger names in the hospitality industry.

There are many good hotels in Vadodara ranging from 3- to 7-star. All these hotels falling under this star rating assure you a sanitized and super-hygienic accommodation. The leading hotel chains invest so much in keeping their property clean and germ-free.

Even the 3-star hotels in Vadodara near bus stand use high-quality chemicals to clean the sheets and disinfectants to clean the bathrooms. They clean every single corner of the room and bathroom making them free from dirt.

So, the best way to get a clean room at hotels in Vadodara near bus stand, look beyond 1- or 2- star hotels.

Carry your black light

A black light works wonders in dark. It literally finds out every single stain in every corner of the room. To ensure that you are staying in a clean room, carry a black light with you. Check every single corner and appliance in the bedroom, as well as the bathroom. Check the television, TV remotes, light switches, telephone keypads, etc as studies say that these areas are the budding ground for germs.

If you see any stain and dirt, get your room changed.

Check the bed sheet

Hotels near Lakshmi Vilas Palace Vadodara are amazingly clean. Over the years the accommodations in Vadodara have earned a reputation of being hygienic. So, you don’t have to worry much.

But, in a rare instance, if you realize that the bedspread is not clean, you must call the housekeeping and get it changed.

In moments, a fresh bed sheet would be spread on your bed. Similarly, you can get your blanket changed if you feel any strange smell coming out from it.

You can also carry your own bed sheets or a compact comforter if you are very particular about the bedspreads.

Carry a disinfectant

The housekeeping services at hotels near Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara give prominence to cleanliness. Enter the room and you will find everything arranged in a proper manner, no single crease on the bedspread, and no evidence of dust. But you really don’t know how many bacteria are lurking from the corners. So, ward them off using a disinfectant.

As we have already mentioned, there are certain surfaces where the germs multiply in numbers. To keep them from making you ill, you must spray all those places with a disinfectant spray. Spray all the touched surfaces like remotes, doorknobs, telephone, ice bucket, bathroom faucets, switchboards, etc.

There are specific sprays for disinfecting toilets. Carry them with you and spray them on the shit pot in copious amounts.

Ask for a mosquito repellent

You would not need this if you stay at a good 3-star or above hotel in Vadodara as they make it a point to keep their properties safe from insect invasion. But, if you book a budget hotel, you may need mosquito repellent.

Plus, you may also encounter bed bugs. In this case, call the front desk immediately and get your room changed.

The bottom line

Pay good, stay good! Many travellers, in order to save some money, book rooms at 2- star budget hotels in Vadodara. And, later regret their choice.

If you want to stay at a clean hotel, make it a point that you book a decent 3/5-star hotel in Vadodara and enjoy a healthy and neat stay.  

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