How to Fix Outlook Stopped Working Problem?

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This article explains what 5 steps you should take when your Outlook stops working. The article does not compile solutions to specific Microsoft Outlook problems but compiles what needful should be done in case Microsoft stops working. The information compiled here is reliable and simple. It is still recommended that these should be adhered to properly to fix your Microsoft Outlook problems. 

How to Microsoft Outlook Not Working problems?

1. Determine nature of the problem. Check whether Outlook was previously working or not. If Outlook was working fine previously but not now, you must find if any changes were made recently to it. Most of the times, users forget that they have downloaded a song, installed a toolbar or add-inplug-in, latest updates, new software, or updated drivers among other things. Besides, if you reconfigured or modified your Outlook settings, it might have caused the Outlook to stopped working. Contemplate any such changes and undo them. If you necessarily have to install a particular software, make sure that you first update your Windows operating system to avoid facing Outlook not working problems with anonymous utilities like Outlook etc.


2. Isolate the problem. Yes, most of the times, users do not isolate whether it is an Outlook problem or problem of other application. Sometimes, Outlook may stop working due to an inactive or congested internet connection. In that case, it is the internet which is a problem and not Outlook. It can be any technical glitch and not just the internet. Thus, it is mandatory to isolate a problem to make sure that right steps are taken to diagnose and resolve it.


3. Check that your internet connection is active. Most of the times when you are unable to send or receive emails, it is your internet connection that might be behind the trouble. A temporary glitch or congestion in your ISP's network can be the most likely cause of temporary send/receive problems in Microsoft Outlook. Thus make sure that your internet connection is working properly. You can also contact your ISP for queries about your internet connection.


4. Recheck the Outlook settings. Determine that all the settings are correct. If you recently changed a password due to which you are facing a login error, make sure that the new password is working properly. Make sure that your login password is working in the webmail account. A webmail account is nothing but the account that you access via your internet browser. For example, you have Yahoo mail account and you want to access it, open the Yahoo website, log in and check. If you can login to the web-based mail (webmail) account, your password has no issues. Afterwards, open Microsoft Outlook and try to log back in. make sure that you spell your password properly without making typing mistakes. Often typo mistakes prevent you from logging in to your mail account and show error messages. Besides, make sure that the Caps Lock key on the keyboard is not on. Whether your password is case sensitive or not, the Caps Lock key will create problems when it is on. So remember to turn it off to avoid facing password error problem.


5. Diagnose the problem and launch relevant troubleshooting. Yes, you must troubleshoot a problem properly and should not shoot in the dark. Read the error message carefully and try to find what it is describing. Often, error messages describe the problem explicitly and suggest a solution also. You must troubleshoot a problem accordingly. You can also search the error message or problem in Outlook's Help menu or Google it. You will find a number of solutions to fix your problem. If failed to resolve the problem on your own, you can contact Microsoft Outlook support or Microsoft technical support.


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