How To Find The Best Quality Wheat Flour In India

by Dharam Pal SEO
From chapattis and bread to cakes and cookies, everything is prepared from wheat flour. While there exist many types of wheat flour in the world, it is important that you buy only the best quality wheat flour to ensure your daily dietary grain intake. Whole wheat flour is the best quality wheat flour that should be consumed for most purposes as all the necessary nutrients like bran, germs and other endosperms are not removed while refining. However, you should always check the wheat flour, its fiber content, vitamin content, GI, color, and texture to make sure that you have your hand on the best quality flour. This small guide will help you find the best quality wheat flour in India. 

Fiber Content
The first thing you need to notice is the fiber content in the wheat flour. Whole wheat flour contains more fiber content as compared to any other type of wheat flour like white wheat flour or refined wheat flour. If you take half a cup of wheat flour, it should contain at least 6.4 grams of fiber content to be good for health. This fiber content is required to fulfill the daily dietary fiber intake which is around 28 grams. So in order to get your hands on the best quality wheat flour, look for the fiber content first.
Vitamin Content
Checking the vitamins present in the wheat flour is important to ensure that it provides the nutritional advantage to your body when you intake it. Good wheat flour should typically contain vitamins like riboflavin, folate and vitamins B-1, vitamin B-3, and vitamin B-5. The vitamin content is mentioned on the bag of the wheat flour. Check it out to make sure it meets your daily nutritional requirements to buy the best wheat flour for the health of your family. 

Glycemic Index
Glycemic index is the measure of how quickly carbohydrates can be dissolved in the body and converted to glucose. The effect of wheat flour on blood sugar can only be determined if you keep in mind the GI of the wheat flour. The GI of the wheat flour should be balanced to ensure that there is no blood sugar spike of deficiency. While flour with high GI can cause a rise in blood sugar levels, low GI will ensure slow absorption, thus leaving you feeling full for a longer time. This will help you regulate the blood sugar. 

Other Noticeable Differences
· Color: The color of a good quality wheat will never be perfectly white. Due to the presence of the endosperms like bran and germs, it will always have brown colored particles mixed in it. 

· Texture: The texture of a good quality flour will also be a bit coarse and granulated because of the bran and germs present in it. 

These were some of the things that you should keep in mind while buying wheat flour. You can find best quality wheat flour suppliers in India and get wheat flour at an affordable price from them. 

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