How to find best end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide?

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An end of lease clean is the final cleaning of your home before you leave. It’s also known as a bond return or vacate cleaning, and it can be expensive – even more than $2,000 in some cases. So how do you find the best end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide without spending too much money?

Get recommendations from your friends, family or relatives.

When you need to find the best end of lease cleaning company, ask your friends and family for recommendations.

This is one of the best ways to find a good end of lease cleaner in Adelaide. Asking around is quite simple and easy, just ask your friends and family who have used a cleaning company before. They will be able to tell you which companies they have used previously, so that you can decide which one would be right for your particular circumstance. It’s also worth asking people that have recently moved out as they may know about local cleaners in their area or even act as independent contractors themselves!

Check their experiences.

The most important thing you can do when choosing an end of lease cleaning company is to ask for references.

It’s always a good idea to check the experience of your chosen professional. Asking for references from previous clients will give you an idea of how well they perform their duties and if you can trust them with your property.

In addition, it’s essential that you check the reviews written by previous clients on websites like Google My Business as well as other review sites such as Facebook or Yelp. If there are no recent reviews to read, then this could mean that the business doesn’t have many customers yet or isn't popular in that area; both possibilities should raise some red flags.

Check their experience in the field.

The first thing to check is their experience in the field. If they are new to it, you should not hire them. If they have experience, you can trust them.

Search for their reviews and ratings on the internet.

As a first step, you should do a quick online search for their reviews and ratings. If they are not mentioned on the Internet, it is probably because they don’t have any clients or they are new in the industry.

Make sure that you check all major review websites like Google, Facebook and Yelp to see what people think about them. A company with a good reputation will be happy to show off all its positive reviews on their website!

Compare different companies’ prices.

When comparing the prices of different companies, it is important to keep in mind that there may be significant differences in the rates. For example, some companies charge extra for cleaning windows while others do not. Some companies will charge more if you have pets while others will offer discounts to customers with pets. One thing to do is to get a quote from each company and see how they compare with one another. Once you’ve sorted out their differences and similarities, you can evaluate their services based on price as well as other factors like quality and reliability.

If you’re a returning customer then make sure to ask for discounts from your regular cleaning company because they may give them at this time since they know that they are going to continue working with them anyway (or so we hope). If a new customer wants discounts or pricing breaks then we don’t recommend going through any special hoops just yet—wait until after their first visit (or two) before asking about getting any deals!

Avoid paying the entire rent in advance

Many landlords require a tenant to pay the entire rent for three months or more before they move in. While this may seem like a good deal, it can also be a big problem if you have to move out early.

If you decide to pay your entire rent upfront, there’s no guarantee that your landlord will return any of it even if he decides to let go of the property quickly. And if that happens, then there goes all your hard earned money down the drain!

Communicate with them about your requirement first.

First of all, you need to communicate with the company about your requirement. The first step is to talk to them and ask them questions like:

  • What kind of experience do they have in the field?

  • How much time they will spend on this project?

  • Do they have any experience in this area? If yes, how much?

  • What type of cleaning service do they provide? * Domestic Cleaning - For homes, apartments or rental properties


Finding a reliable, trustworthy and professional end of lease cleaning company is not an easy task.

It's very important to look at the company's reputation and previous experience in the industry.

You should also ask if they are insured and licensed, as well as how they handle insurance claims if something goes wrong while they're working on your property.


These are some of the tips that you can use to find the best end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide.

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