How to Find Affordable Car Shipping for Your Auto Business

by Rayanne M. Writer

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If you own an auto business, you likely have a large fleet of vehicles under your wing that you need to take care of and ensure the safety of. As a business though, there will likely be a time when you are ready to move your business elsewhere or when you need to upgrade to a larger space. You still want to ensure your fleet is taken care of, however, even when you are shipping your vehicles, but you want an affordable rate. Below you will find five tips to help you find an affordable shipping cost for your business' budget needs.

1. Reserve with Flexibility

When you are first reserving the shipping services for your fleet, you need to try to reserve as early as possible so that you can receive more bids. Make sure also, if you can allow it with your needs, utilizing standard shipping rather than expedited shipping to save a large amount of money. Try to be flexible about the pickup and dropoff dates as well as this may aid in the number of companies who want to bid with you. Plus, if you ship your fleet on a day that is not normally busy, you may find that you receive lower rates overall.

2. Look at All of the Quotes

When you arrange for shipping services for your auto business, you will likely receive numerous quotes. They will likely not all come at once, however, so do not jump on the first quote that you receive for the services. Look at every offer you receive, the specific precautions and services that are offered by each company, and the price of each company for your budget. Choose the bid that best meets the car shipping cost that you are looking for and that offers the specific services that you would like to have in place.

3. Opt for a Shipping Terminal

A shipping terminal is a great way to save money if you have family members and friends willing to help out or if you have a large enough team at your business. It costs more for the shipping companies to have to drop off the vehicles directly at your new business location and to pick them up directly from your current business location. Prices get even higher if your business is in a rural area, so try to drop off and pick up the vehicles at shipping terminals if you have enough people to help you.

4. Consider Open Shipping

There are two types of car shipping that are available, including closed shipping and open shipping. Closed shipping does keep your vehicles safer as they are enclosed, but it costs quite a bit more than open shipping does. Open shipping is an option if you have low-clearance of the vehicles or if you have older vehicles that only require a short distance of travel. This method may be less safe, so it is an important consideration to discuss with your team to determine if the risk is truly worth the savings.

5. Reduce the Weight

Part of the determination of the costs of car shipping is in the weight of the vehicles that you have. Save even a small amount of money off of the weight by removing anything from the cars before they get shipped. Even consider taking everything out of the glove box as even an ounce can save you money in the long run, especially if you have multiple vehicles. Be sure to place any documents and important products in a safe location for the move though so you can easily put them back in the vehicles they belong to.

Final Thoughts

Car shipping is a great service to use if you have an auto business to get your fleet from one location to another without the stress. You can make this service more affordable for you by reducing the weight and by using open methods of shipping. Try to drop off and pick up your cars at a terminal location, and ensure you are going after the best quote that is possible. Finally, try to reserve as soon as possible so you can receive as many quotes as possible.

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