How to find a talented hostess for your event?

by Tyler P. A Passionate Blogger - Entertainment
The memorable feature of an event or a party is not the food or the décor but the hospitality. The hostess who greets visitors makes a powerful first impression and can make break your success. But finding the right hostess is something you don’t leave up to a chance. You have to do a lot more than just collecting applications and hire a random one, hoping she will be a stellar hostess.

Finding the perfect hostess in Dubai takes a lot of effort. Here is a list of useful tips that you can use to find the best hostess for any event.

Find one that’s kind, friendly, and caring
A hostess should be caring, friendly and kind. She should be thoughtful and considerate. Since hostess is the first person your guests will be seeing or meeting, it is important that they make your guests feel welcome instantly.

Make ‘em smile
No one wants to be welcomed by a dull or sad face. In order to create a lasting first impression, the hostess should greet the guests with a big, bright smile.

Bring out their personality
It is important that you hire a hostess with a great personality. They are the ones who usually deliver good or bad news to the guests if there is an issue.

To learn more about their personality, pay attention to how they talk and respond to your questions. The person who is responsive, cheerful and polite is the one you should look for. You can also put them in a random situation and ask them to provide a solution. Based on their response, you can decide whether to hire that person or not.

Ask strange questions
A hostess has to deal with a lot of strange questions and requests all the time. The best way to know if she can handle those weird questions is by asking her similar questions during the interview. You can present random situations or questions and observe their response. If you find their reply satisfactory, you can decide whether to hire the candidate or not.

Calm under Pressure
An event is full of stressful moments, especially when there are hundreds of people involved. An experienced hostess won't be rattled under pressure. You want someone on your team who can maintain their calm under heavy stress.

Get them talking
A hostess job relies mostly on communication. Their job involves a lot of talking, so you want to hire a person who can talk fluently and convey messages in a proper manner.

Determining their fluency is easy. Just keep on talking during the interview and you will be able to identify whether the candidate has any communication issues or not.

Make sure they can amuse themselves
Sometimes, the hostess has to stand around doing nothing. If a hostess has a bright smile and great communication skills but leaves her station frequently because she got bored is not good for your business. The candidate should able to able to entertain themselves when they are doing nothing.

Stand out from the crowd
There are many talented Dubai models female who can do this job, but you need to pick the best hostesses for your team that stands out from the crowd. You can create an intense selection round where you can filter only the best for your business.

The truth is everyone is looking for a kind, smart, talented and friendly hostess and there are not enough people with these skills. So, to ensure that you hire only the best, offer them great perks and benefits.

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