How to Establish a Successful Custom Face Masks Business

by Marilyn Brown Business Developer

Covid is still going strong across the world and while we do have vaccinations, prevention is still the best way of stopping this virus. In such circumstances, the business of face masks seems to be booming everywhere. Even if you have not been in this game all this time, you can still enter the market and become successful. The biggest challenge is not to start your business in such a competitive market but to do it in a way that stands out. The following tips will help tremendously in making sure you become a successful retailer of custom disposable face mask products.

1.      Never Make Health-Related Claims

While the whole point of buying and wearing a mask is medical you need to stay away from any medical claims regarding the product that you are selling. Some sellers declare that their masks can prevent Covid-19 or are equivalent to N95 masks or respirators. These claims are highly damaging to your business, as having someone who bought your masks catch Covid would make them lose faith in your product. Furthermore, they might even stop other people from buying your masks which could lose you sales in the long run.

2.      Make the Products Look Appealing

The whole point of buying custom face masks is that people want to stand out among the crowd. You not only need to work on your design choice and create something unique, but the presentation is also just as important. Take high-resolution photos of your masks and, if possible, get a professional photographer to do it for you. This little effort can make your masks much more appealing than your competitors, who are not putting in that much effort. Many businesses even forget to include real product pictures completely, which takes away from any trust that a customer may be willing to put in their products.

3.      Keep Your Descriptions Crystal Clear

Given the sensitivity of the current situation globally, you do not want to get caught in a confusion-based argument with your customers. They need to be 100% clear about what they are buying, and you can make that happen by giving accurate and easy descriptions. Many business owners add flashy descriptions with difficult words that make no sense to the average reader. It may entice someone but also raise their expectations significantly which you do not want to do. A custom Chinese face mask can only do so much, and you need to avoid any situation where your customers feel betrayed. Masks are a constant requirement, and your success will be highly dependent on repeat orders.

4.      List Key Properties in Large Bold Words

While you must avoid making any false claims about your product, you still need to have some information that you can share with the customer. The type of mask, the fabric used in making it, and the protection layers should all be mentioned clearly in the product description. A custom face mask may be a great accessory, but people still need some protection, and you must tell them exactly what they are getting. For example, a simple cotton mask is not going to have the same protection level as a mask with 3 protective layers added to the fabric. This honesty will go a long way in gaining the trust of your customers.

5.      Provide Instructions for Use

The face mask industry has evolved rapidly in the last year, and we see unique products pop up every day. If you are selling a custom face mask that operates differently from a typical surgical or cotton mask, then you need to provide this information to your customers. Create a dedicated section on your website or social media page and tell your customers exactly how they should be wearing your masks. For example, some masks come with the option of replacing filters after some time, so you should tell them the proper and safe method of doing so.

6.      Mix Things Up a Little

Selling custom face masks means you are going to offer something special and unique looking. While that could be true for the technical design, the look of the mask also needs to be appealing. Everyone has different preferences, so you need to offer a wide range of colors and designs. Hire a professional designer to come up with unique designs that you can frequently update to keep your customers interested.

Summing Up

Whether you are buying promotional face masks wholesale for your business or creating something new from scratch, the above points will certainly steer you in the right direction. Lastly, do not forget to use social media to promote yourself because that is where all the hype is!

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