How to Encourage Your Audience to Participate in Live Polls

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Are you busy creating web polls and text polls to include in your next presentation? This is a great way to boost engagement and interaction during meetings and other events. Whether you want to test subject knowledge, gather opinions, or get feedback on your latest idea, real-time audience feedback from live polling is the way to go!

How to get your audience to participate in polls

The problem is, you sometimes need to encourage your audience to participate in order to get the feedback you’re hoping for.

Here are three ways to encourage participation in your next poll.

Make it accessible

The first and most important thing to remember is it needs to be very easy for your audience to take part in your poll. If they have to text long phone numbers, sign up for an account, or enter complicated links to vote, they’re less likely to get involved.

Live polling software like Swift by ExciteM makes it easier than ever for your audience to share their opinion via web polls and text polls. For example, audience members can participate in Swift web polls simply by clicking a link that’s provided to them that takes them directly to the survey.

Provide clear instructions

In addition to writing your live polling questions in clear, direct language, you’ll also want to offer easy-to-follow instructions for voting. Depending on the software you choose, your audience will be able to participate with only a few clicks. Or in the case of SMS or text polling, they just need to send in their response to a short number.

Offer an incentive

Another way to encourage your audience to engage with your text or web polls is offering an incentive for doing so. Perhaps you could offer a discount code for your product to each participant or something else that provides value to them. It’s also important to demonstrate WHY their vote matters.

Using these tips and the right software, you’re well on your way to your most interactive poll yet!

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