How to earn the trust of potential customers in real estate

by Jammy Hales The Real Estate Curacao

In every professional sector it is necessary to earn the trust of potential customers, but it is undeniable that in some trades it is easier said than done.


In fact, if you enter a stationery store to buy a disposable pen, trusting the clerk or not does not affect the transaction, while if you turn to a real estate agent or a builder to buy a house, everything changes.


Because? Well, because in the first case it is not a choice on which the well-being of the person, or his future, can depend.


With the necessary differences, it is a bit what happens when you go to a doctor.


If you don't trust him and his skills, it becomes complex to follow the prescribed therapies.


Let's see together 5 tips to follow to earn the trust of potential customers in real estate.


1. If you want to be respected, you must be respectable


"If you want to be respected, you must be respectable"


What does it mean? That you need to present yourself in the right way to your potential customer.


What do you have to do?


1.      Respond politely and professionally to phone calls and requests for information;

2.      Don't keep potential customers with whom you've made an appointment waiting ;

3.      Present yourself suitably dressed ;

4.      Express yourself in correct Curacao , maintaining a calm and relaxed tone of voice;

5.      Arrive at the prepared appointment, in order to answer all customer questions.


If you want to be respected, you have to earn it. Like trust!


2. Always listen to customer requests


One of the most annoying things when turning to a professional is to feel ignored, or treated with enough.


A real estate operator cannot and must not behave in this way because, as explained in the introduction of the article, those looking for a house intend to make a choice that can change their life, and deserves attention and respect.


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So, do not just make a list of the technical characteristics of the property, but go into detail, answer all customer questions, and if you receive few, learn more about it.


We talked about it in a previous article here on our blog; those who buy a house are always at a disadvantage compared to the owner or intermediary.


Avoid widening this gap between you and the customer.


3. Don't make promises you can't keep


Here, as much as it can make viewers laugh in a film, we assure you that behaving in this way with potential customers is not only unethical, but also counterproductive.


Yes, because if you promise to be able to speed up paperwork, remove or add architectural elements, tear down walls, you must be 100% sure.


Otherwise, you don't just look bad as a professional, but you risk losing the client or, even worse, taking legal action.


4. Offer additional services to enrich the customer experience


As you know, a real estate transaction involves several stages, and involves numerous professional skills, from the financial operator who will have to deal with the mortgage request from the notary, who will then have the task of certifying and guaranteeing the regularity of the sale.


If you limit yourself only to show the property and to close the agreement, you abandon the client to his destiny in a path that you know is tortuous.


Our advice is to offer additional services to the customer, or at least to play the important role of intermediary, putting him in contact with reliable professionals who can follow him in the next steps.


5. Do not disappear after the deed


Okay, you've sold the property and you're understandably happy and satisfied, but your job isn't finished at all.


Once you have signed the deed and given the keys to the new owner, you cannot vanish into thin air like a ghost , on the contrary, you must take advantage of this phase to consolidate the trust that you have gained so far.


Like? If it is true that completing a real estate sale requires several complex and delicate steps, it is equally true that at the end of the transaction there are many other things to do .


For example, you must activate the utilities, furnish the property, identify craftsmen who can carry out small maintenance or improvements (electrician, locksmith, plumber, etc ...).


Again, you may provide references from reliable people who are capable of responding to customer needs .


By the way, if you do it in a structured and strategic way, it can also become an additional source of income.



We live in a historical period characterized by enormous distrust and distrust of others , people are increasingly afraid of being cheated, and when it comes to buying a property in Curacao a house even more.


Fear is a difficult wall to break down, but you can try to get around it or climb over it, gaining the trust of potential customers.

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