How to do well on your next chemistry test?

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Chemistry is a tough class but there are some ways to help you ace your next test!

Prepare, prepare, prepare!! First of all, don't cram and don't procrastinate!

We've all been there, it's the night before the test and we've got an entire textbook and binder full of notes to study and we think to ourselves 'where do we even start'?! Then we're so overwhelmed we're unable to even focus on studying. So, in order to prevent need to prepare, both for class everyday and for the upcoming test, daily..not just the night before the test. 

Make a study plan: So, we've established you're not going to cram for your exam. Next, you should plan your study schedule. This way you can get your studying done in reasonable chunks of time all while covering everything you need to review. Determine which topics will need more time and plan accordingly. This is where you can schedule some tutoring sessions whether it's with your teacher, online chemistry tutoring or with a tutoring service. Make sure you're reviewing every day, even if it's just for 15 minutes on the weekend, this way you'll be able to retain more information. This will help you be prepared for class and enable you to ask any questions you're struggling with to your teacher.

Get a good night's sleep before the test and eat breakfast. You'll perform better when you are full of energy.

Read the textbook:  Sure, you can pass some classes without opening the book, or just skimming it through it the night before a test. Chemistry is not one of those classes. The textbook provide problems, explanations and additional resources like a periodic table, glossary, and helpful information regarding lab techniques and units. 

Work the Problem Sets: Write down what you are trying to answer in a problem and work through the examples yourself. Give it a try yourself without looking at someone else's work or the answer in the book. If you are struggling you can turn to online tutoring as an option to work more problems and understand the topic instead of just copying someone else's work or looking for the answer. You want to truly understand and practice what you're doing in order to do well on the test. 

Write it down: You may think you have constants and calculations memorized, but write them down. Writing things down will help make sure it's stuck in your memory. Consider using flashcards to flip through easily throughout the day to make sure those equations don't get away from you. 

Get a tutor: If you're really struggling to grasp the concept. you can get an online tutor or an in-person tutor. These people have expertise in chemistry and teaching and can work with you until you understand a topic and then make sure you really get it by working through several different exercises with you. 

Review, Review & Review: Review your completed test before you hand it in. Check for any mistakes. Also, review returned tests. You can ask your teacher or your tutor what you did wrong and how you can do it right next time, remember you'll need know how to fix your mistakes for the final exam. 

Read the question completely: Just like you shouldn't rush while studying, don't rush on the exam either. Take your time, read every word and make sure you understand what the question is asking before you proceed. 

Treat test day with the same common courtesy you would a real-life meeting. Show up to the test on time, at best...but early if you can. That way you're not feeling rushed and can relax before the test and lay out everything you may need, extra pencils, your calculator and any other comforts you may need to do your best!

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