How to Do Content Marketing for Social Media

by Xum Digital Digital Marketing Agency

Learn how to do content marketing for social media and which strategies will really generate more sales for your business.


Currently, more than 4.8 billion people around the world are connected to the virtual environment. Digital media are part of the tools that contribute to this, being great sources of interaction between individuals and brands. This is why content marketing for social media is so important.


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How important is content marketing for social media?


Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok are part of consumers' lives. Such networks have changed the way we live our lives, being responsible for influencing the public in many ways.


Whether in the way we act, speak, and even in the artistic works and products we consume. The internet and digital media continue to influence the behaviour of society.


To understand such influence, we brought the following data from the 2021 Global Digital Statshot report:

  • more than two-thirds of the world's population use cell phones, reaching a total of 5.29 billion people;
  • We reached the mark of 4.88 billion people who use the internet, totalling 62% of the world population. There was an increase of more than 220 million compared to the previous year;
  • the number of users on social networks also increased by more than 400 million, reaching a total of 4.55 billion people;
  • TikTok, for example, has passed the 1 billion monthly active users mark.


With that, you can get an idea that digital platforms are not only here to stay, but they still have a great potential for growth, right? In this context, your business cannot be left out!


But for success and prominence in this scenario, content marketing for social networks must have a correct and strategic plan.


How to start content marketing strategy for social networks?


It is not enough just to have an online presence. Before making any type of post, to make an efficient and search Content Marketing Agency in San Francisco, it is necessary to know exactly what your audience likes, so it is possible to win them over by their interests.


Be ready to instigate the consumer's desire, solving the possible pains that he has and that your business will solve!


Check out these tips for setting up your plan:


1. Define your ideal audience persona


You need to know the audience you are talking to. For this, it is necessary to define the persona , which is a fictional character that represents the ideal customer of a business.


For this, data and characteristics of real customers are used , such as:


  • behaviour;
  • demographic data;
  • problems;
  • challenges;
  • Goals.


2. Know which social networks you will work on


To start the strategic planning of your content marketing for Social Media Management San Francisco, you need to define which channels your company will operate on. It is not necessary to be present on all platforms, but it is recommended to define which are the most important to strengthen your brand.


It is best to present relevant content on networks that make sense, rather than just replicating content across digital media without much coherence or planning.


For example, when sharing a link to a new blog post on Instagram, you might want to think of illustrative content like an infographic.


Images with a lot of text don't give the proper reading in this digital media, which causes your engagement to be harmed. For Instagram, the ideal is that only 25% of the post has written content, to guarantee delivery.


For posts on Twitter, you can provide a button that automatically publishes a certain phrase or statistic — in the required size — right from your blog.


The integration of different channels contributes to engagement on your pages. By doing this, you guarantee that the published content is, in fact, interesting for those who make up that audience.


So, before producing any text for different social channels, answer these five questions to identify if it is relevant content: