How to deposit a check with chime without direct deposit ? 3 Method

by Kamely Smith IT solutions

Should You Use Chime For Financial Purposes?

Chime is an American financial technology company that provides an app to help its user to use it for bank use just like a fast payment app. Chime collects its revenue from collecting interchange fees.

Chime doesn't have any physical branch or office it all worked in a form of application. According to 2020 data chime completed 8 million users. Chime raises its fund to 1.5  billion for private funding. This really helps to increase their customer 

We are providing you with every important information related to chime with review and pros and cons scroll down to learn more


Is Chime bank a real bank?

People get confused Chime with the bank. chime is not a bank it is an  American financial technology company. It is not related to any bank but works like it. Mainly banks provide a lot of options which make users confuse to choose. But, chime doesn't make you confused like a bank. It provides you checking account, savings account, and secured credit card. 


What is a real bank if we think? The one helps you to save money and use it whenever you want. Well, chime does the same but still, it doesn’t consider a bank.  Then what is chime if it is not a bank? Chime is just an application that provides mostly every service a bank provides but in an application 


What is Chime used for?

A chime use or customer uses a chime to save themselves from overdraft fees, monthly service fees, service fees, minimum balance requirements, and more. This creates a more competitive market with better, less expensive options for ordinary Americans who aren't well-served by traditional banks.


In June 2020 Chime launched Credit Builder, a credit card designed to help consumers build their credit history. The Chime credit card aims to straddle both worlds, debit, and credit by working to build good credit while preventing users from overspending.


Not only individual but retailers and business is also getting a huge profit from the chime app. A normal retailer can be a part of a chime company by becoming the cash deposit partner. All they have to do is wait for the user to arrive a provide cash and deposit it into their account


How do you deposit money into Chime?

Chime app and chimes website clear all the doubt and provide every important information to know.  You can deposit money in your Chime Account at over 90,000 retail locations and their cash deposit partners. 

All you have to do is to find a cash deposit partner near you, 

  1. Go to the app, 
  2. Tap to Move Money, 
  3. Select Deposit cash, 
  4. Tap to See locations near me.


At the location ask the retailer, or cash deposit partner to make a cash deposit to your account.  All the Chime users can deposit cash three times per day without a fee. You can deposit up to $1000 every day and a maximum of $10,000 every month.


What are the cons of Chime?

In 2021 there was a hype among chime users. all of a sudden chime starts closing customer accounts without notice or explanation. more than 900 complaints were filed. This leads us to the cons of the Chime company


  1. There is no physical branch or office.
  2. closing customer accounts without notice or explanation affect user safety issues and they turn off their part 
  3. Only for 18 or above
  4. There are some services that charge, sometimes you have to pay some fee for depositing cash or for using ATM withdraw. 
  5. No multi-currency account options are available. 


Note: In case you are not satisfied with the Chime, you can delete your Chime account.


What are the pros of Chime?

Chimes provide you fee-free service that the bank is charging you for here are some advantages of using the Chime app.


  1. You can have “checking accounts” with no minimum balance
  2. The facility of No overdraft. 
  3. You can enable Chime direct deposit.
  4. Provide No minimum balance, doesn't charge you if you have 0 balance.
  5. You do not have to pay monthly fees in the Chime app. 
  6. No foreign transaction fees.
  7.  60,000+ fee-free ATMs3 at stores available.
  8. You can get customer support 24/7 in the Chime app and also on the website.
  9. Easy to open an account in the application.
  10. Provide a debit card to spend and make withdrawals easy (you need to activate Chime card first)



There are a lot of advantages to using the Chime app but it also has drawbacks. So the question arises of whether to use the Chime app or not? Chime app is easy to use and provide facilities that bank avoid. Not having any physical branch leads to a doubtful stage for many users.  It is definitely for the user who wants to avoid the traditional way to visit a physical branch. Chime may not be for you if you need to use your account to deposit cash - fees may apply - or to make large purchases - limits may apply. 


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