How to Craft Sidewalk Chalk Pops for Kids?

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Children love to be outdoors and play. Spending time indoors during winter can become annoying for them. However, parents can keep them busy with innovative ideas activities. Crafting is something kids love because their age makes them curious and accepting. So, make their indoor life enticing by visiting an arts and crafts online store and buying what you need to create sidewalk chalk pops.



     Wooden craft sticks

     Neon tempera pain

     Silicon pop mold

     Plaster of Paris

     Plastic spoons

     Plastic cups



Additional Requirement

     Cold water

     Measuring cups


Step #1: Cut the craft sticks to approximately 3”.


Step #2: Use one plastic cup for each color and fill them with ⅓ cup cold water.


Step #3: Pour 2 tablespoons of tempera paint into each cup and stir them using different plastic spoons for each color.


Step #4: Pour ⅔ cup Plaster of Paris in each cup and stir them to combine evenly. The result should be thin yogurt.

Step #5: Gently add the colors to the silicon mold and apply slight taps to free the mold from air bubbles. Leave it for two minutes.


Step #6: The plaster should now turn firm. Put the craft sticks into the center of the chalk pops before they become too solid. Ensure inserting the cut side of the sticks inside.

Note: Buy high-quality materials from the arts and crafts online store for the best result.


Step #7: Leave them for an hour to sun-dry and cure. Carefully remove the items from the mold and keep them under the sun to dry further.


Step #8: Experts suggest waiting a day for the plaster to cure fully to create solid chalk for efficiency. Keep them away from the reach of the children if possible.


Appropriately following these steps will create breathtaking chalk pops for them. The wood sticks enable holding the pops, which allows them to color surfaces without scraping their hands.


What Not to Do

Avoid pouring the Plaster of Paris into the drain as it will harden and clog the pipes. Use disposable spoons and cups instead.

Place a paper sheet on the surface or buy some from the arts and crafts online store before starting the project because the colors can get messy.

Ensure the cold water is between 40-50º F.

The chalks can last for hours and create vivid colors on rugged surfaces. They also work as cute little summer gifts for the children. However, since they look beautiful, make sure the kids avoid licking or nibbling on them. Plaster of Paris must not be consumed.

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