How to Combat School Anxiety 7 Tips to Help You Say Goodbye to Monday Blues

by Soraya Lee Assignment Help & Academic Writer

It is always a time of excitement, but this time is extra emotional since it has been so long since we last went back to school in person. Remember, you may be feeling anxious about the new school year.

"Take a deep breath and identify any emotions you might have because those feelings are common and you are not alone," Brenda, an assignment help new castle writer from the Australia!

We're here to assist, so do not worry. We've provided you with all the tips you will need to ensure your child feels comfortable and calm during this transition. 

Getting back to school makes you anxious, doesn’t it? You will surely benefit from these tips!

1. Put your feelings into words.

You need to get your head out of the sand. Worries grow more and more inflamed with time when you mentally replay them repeated in your head. Therefore, you must record all your anxieties on paper.

The words don't have to be eloquent-basic words usage is fine. It helps a lot to write down everything to see how concretely you see your fears, which can prepare you better to face them.

2. Get in touch with someone.

This does not have to be a lonely experience. You may feel the same way as your friends. Your fears can be discussed with them, your parents, or a professional. The process of talking things out is much like writing, which provides perspective and makes you feel better equipped to deal with anxiety.

3. Set the stage.

Preparing for the start of school shouldn't be left to the last minute. Prepare an outfit, pack your bag, and drive your route. Take every step you can to establish a routine and ensure that you are fully ready to begin.

Hence, if you have anxiety about the more practical aspects of your first day (how to do your hair, what to eat for lunch), then you can take care of them before moving on to the bigger picture.

4. Consider the positives.

Hiram, an assignment help new castle professional, says, "This isn't the first time! The school has been in your life a thousand times. There is no reason why you can't knock out the school just like you did before you took some time off."

You will be returning to this experience as a student, so begin to think about all the good things you like about school and all the things you look forward to. You can find all those things when you return.

5. Make contact with your teachers.

Concerned about attending again? Take advantage of the opportunity to establish a rapport with your teachers if you already know them. If you had a relationship with your teacher, even if it only consisted of an email or two, you would feel more comfortable when you step into the classroom on your first day. You will be more at ease if that's the case.

6. There is no reason to feel alone.

When you are faced with the world (or, in this case, school), it is easy to feel that you are doing it alone. The same holds for all of your classmates.

It's also been a year and a half since they've been in school, which means they're most likely to have the same fears. This will hopefully reduce your feeling of being isolated.

7. Download apps that help with anxiety.

Our modern lifestyles have brought the world to us at our fingertips (literally). The back-to-school season can be extremely stressful, but several mental health and wellness apps can ease your concerns. We will vividly discuss them in the next section.

Top 4 Mental Health Apps That Are Affordable and Accessible

Returning to school can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. After 18 months of virtual learning, returning to campus after the global pandemic of COVID-19 may feel overwhelming.

The return to studying and physical interaction can be overwhelming for some, and it is a completely normal response.80% of U.S. students feel stressed sometimes or often, while 34% feel depressed, according to a study released by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Back-to-school stress got you down? Download these mental health apps to keep you on track!

1. Calm

Chances are you've heard Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles narrate guided meditations for Calm. In addition to offering mindfulness exercises for sleep, focus, and anxiety, Calm offers music, and a nature soundscape feature. Free as well as tracking daily meditation streaks, this app is perfect for beginners. A fee may be charged for some series and subscriptions within the app.

2. Dive Thru

You will not find any academic or scientific jargon at Dive Thru. The app offers an impressive variety of mental health resources. Despite working with professionals, the app feels like chatting with a friend, and everything is relatable. Check out their special resources for students to "Dive Thru whatever you're going through."

3. Headspace

Headspace is a great app for stepping out of the moment when you feel overwhelmed by the world around you. Mindfulness and meditation are useful tools for different kinds of situations, such as work, stress, sleep, or anxiety. Insomnia can also be treated with the guided meditations. There are special packages available for purchase in the app, as well as a free download.

4. Better Help

Online counseling and therapy services are available to users through Better Help, a subscription-based service offering licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists. On June 29, Ariana Grande and the app performed a $1 million therapy giveaway. Thanks to this partnership, more than $3 million worth of free therapy have been provided since then.

A cheaper alternative to therapy is Better Help, which is a web-based service. Better Help bills every four weeks for a cost of $60-$90 a week for counseling. If you are stressed due to assignments, feel free to get in touch with a professional assignment help service provider.

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