How to Clear WordPress Cache

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What is caching and why it is used? Does it really enhance the performance of the website? When does the need arise to clear the cache? How to clear WordPress cache? These are few things that will be explained here. Caching is a process in which the static version of the website gets stored in the form of cache files and whenever a user requests that page, server displays this static version.

Why Is Caching Beneficial?

When you have enable caching, the static content like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and images gets stored in the browser’s local storage in the form of cache files. When a website is visited more than once by a user using the same browser then the already stored data will make the website load at a lightning fast speed. This way, caching helps to improve the website performance.

When the Cache Need to be cleared?

The ultimate purpose of caching is to make the website fast-loading and improve its performance. At time, you are not able to see the changes you are making right away because of caching. The outdated WordPress cache files are the main reason of this. The cache needs to be cleared in order to get rid of those outdated files so that the changes are visible to you.

How to Clear WordPress Cache?

There are different ways that you can use in WordPress Clear Cache process especially if you are using a caching plugin. Here, we will talk about some of the best plugins to Clear WordPress Cache.

WP Super Cache:

Version: 0.12.0

Active Installation: +1 million

WordPress Version: 3.2 or higher

Ratings: 4.3


WP Super Cache helps to improve the overall user experience of the website and rank it higher on search engines. This plugin does so by reducing the load time. It has features like content delivery network (CDN) integration that will help in reducing the load time. The large range of caching features that come with this plugin also includes cache scheduler and automatic cache compression. You have to follow these steps in order Tt clear cache with WP Super Cache:

·         From the admin dashboard, go to Settings > WP Super Cache.

·         Now, click on the ‘Delete Cache’ button. You will be able to find that button under the ‘Delete Cached Pages’ section.

W3 Total Cache:

Version: 0.12.0

Active Installation: +1 million

WordPress Version: 3.2 or higher

Ratings: 4.3

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W3 Total Cache plugin helps to improve the website’s user experience by improving the server performance. Cache files are created for every aspect of the website that reduces the loading times. With this plugin, transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration is also offered. This plugin has some other features like customization options and bandwidth-saving. To clear WordPress cache using this plugin, you have to follow these steps:

·         Go to to Performance > Dashboard from the WordPress admin panel.

·         Now, click the ‘empty all caches’ button which is located at the top of the page.

WP Fastest Cache:


Active Installation: +1 million

WordPress Version: 3.3 or higher

Ratings: 4.9


This plugin can help you to improve your SEO ranking since it reduces the page load times for the website and the site speed is used in Google’s search ranking algorithm. It is easy to setup. You do not need to modify the .htacces file as it will be modified automatically. This plugin is known for its variety of features and intuitive dashboard. When a new page or post is published, this plugin will clear all the cache files. You can also delete them manually with these steps:

·         Access the WordPress dashboard of the website.

·         Go to ‘WP Fastest Cache’ and select the ‘Delete Cache’ tab.

·         Click on ‘Delete Cache’.

Wrapping Up!

Enabling caching on your website helps you to reduce the overall load time and make it very fast. However, there are times when these cache plugins can prevent you from seeing the changes you have made to your website even after refreshing several times. This is the time when you feel the need to clear the cache files and start Wondering How to Clear WordPress Cache.

Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions related to caching that you had in your mind when you started reading it.

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