How to Clean Gas Stove Burner at Home

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Cleaning your gas stove is very important and vital for the efficient use of the stove. When it comes to cleaning your gas stove burner by yourself, you have to be vigilant. Make sure that you read all the instructions carefully and do as guided.

Even if you have the best gas stove in India, you will have to clean the burners at regular intervals.

Why Do We Have to Clean The Burners?

Cleaning the burners becomes essential as the blockages due to drying of food items can cause hindrance in its performance. They can restrict the expelling of gas thus not giving the desirable level of flame. This can hamper the cooking process. Therefore, cleaning the burners at regular intervals is equally important as cleaning the stove top.

What Do We Require to Clean the Gas Burners?

·      Waste toothbrush or metal bristle brush which is for this purpose only.

·      Soap

·      Lukewarm water

·      Cloth or sponge to wipe the burners

·      Container

How to Clean Gas Burners?

 Gas burners can be easily cleaned by following some simple steps.

1.     Switch on the gas burner for a while. Let it be like that for 2- 3 minutes.

2.     Switch off the knob and wipe the burner with a cloth to remove the extra residue from the food and particles.

3.     Let it cool

4.     Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of soapy water by adding soap to some Lukewarm water in a big container.

5.      Once you are done with this, take out the metal gauze of the burner and the burner cap. Place them in the soapy water mixture you just prepared.

6.     One by one, start cleaning the metal gauze and burner caps with the help of brush. Brush will help you reach places that cannot be reached when cleaned with hand. This will also help to clean the nozzles and remove any blockage present in them.

7.     Let it be there in the water mixture for some time.

8.     Remove the parts one by one and place it on a cloth. Clean it with a cloth or sponge and let it dry. ( make sure that the burners dry completely)

9.     Start place the parts back on the gas stove one by one and do not get confused about the placements. Make sure that every part fits the designated place correctly.

10.You are done! Yes, it was as simple as that!



Cleaning a gas stove burner is very easy and useful. Do it the right way and there is not much complication to it. Just try and you will get the hang of it.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found this useful. Make sure to comment below and tell how you went about it and whether these steps proved to be useful or not.

Thank you once again!

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