How to choose the right paint brush for painting? Professional Surrey Painters give their advice

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A good paint job will not only rely on the right paint, but also the right tools for the job! It goes without question, as in any industry, that using the correct tools for painting best practices will not only make your project turn out better than you expected, it will actually make your work more efficient and easier to complete! Of course, the more experience you have in the exterior and interior painting industry, the easier it becomes to use these tools to their maximum efficiency. But that does not mean a non-professional painter can’t take a project on themselves! 

You may be inspired to put colour into your own walls by looking at all of the wonderful spaces near you. Here, we have created a guide with all the basics in order to help you get started. Professional painters like Surrey Painters, utilize these equipment. First of all, you have to choose the colour of the paint.

Surely the first tool most people think of when they think of taking on a painting project is the paint brush! The paint brush that you choose will have a large influence on how efficiently you can get your work done. Why? Well, first you need to identify whether you will be taking on exterior or interior painting. Once you know where your project will be and have a selected paint, you can decide on the perfect paint brush for the job. 

Paint brushes come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Although there are more specialty brushes available, we will focus on natural/animal hair bristle paint brushes and synthetic nylon brushes for your interior and exterior painting projects. Over time, technology has caught up or even surpassed natural bristle brushes (depending on who you talk to…) and arguably synthetic paint brushes on the market are used by most professional painters now. This may be partially due to the fact that a lot of the natural bristle brushes tend to not work well with water-based latex paint as their bristles go limp. Alternatively, the synthetic brushes on the market have no difficulty performing when using water-based latex paint which makes them an easy choice for professionals in the exterior and interior painting industry. 

When determining which quality of brush to buy, consider running a few tests on several paint brushes that you like. Firstly, how does the brush feel in your hand? You might not be a professional painter yourself, so make sure you are comfortable holding the paint brush as some projects may take hours or days to complete! Comfortability is very important here because you want to be able to take your time on a painting project, and not rush the job which can lead to uneven lines, brush strokes, dripping or bubbling paint, and the worst of all… paint on the carpet. Once you find a brush that feels comfortable for you to hold, pull on some of the bristles lightly to see if any come out, or brush it along an edge fanning the bristles off of it to see if any fall out. If you do notice that any of the bristles start to fall out, we would recommend you think twice about choosing that product, instead look for a brush that is tough enough to hold the bristles in. You can also take a closer look at the paint brushes bristles, specifically on the ends to see what type of condition the tips are in. Do you notice any frays? split ends? You want to find a brush with a lot of these as they help increase the surface area of the paint brush and apply paint better vs their competitors. 

Trust us when we say that it is worth it to invest in a good quality paint brush. At your local paint store, ask the employees what the best brands of paint brushes they carry are. You can compare a few of the brands in their store and run the quick quality tests to decide which is the most fitting for the job! More importantly, if you know you will be using the brush more than once, we highly recommend purchasing a top quality brush because they can last you years if you take proper care of them. Post work for the day, we highly recommend cleaning your brushes and properly storing them over the evening so that they do not crust over and become hard for the next day. When this happens, there is little chance of saving the brush and you will likely have to purchase another which leads to your project costing you more! 

If you do not have the time to tackle your painting projects alone, contact us today and receive a free quote from the Brushfire Painting team! Contact Brad (778) 846-2723 or Riley (604) 813-6249 to receive your free quote today. Don’t have time to hop on a call? Email us at:

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