How to Choose the Right Adjustable Height Table for Your Company?

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Industrial worktables have become a staple in the modern industrial setup, providing many benefits when it comes to productivity and safety. With a comprehensive mix of a strong, shiny surface along with ergonomic features and an assortment of useful features, industrial worktables can definitely improve the rate at which workers perform their task, increasing the overall efficiency.

There are many variants of industrial tables depending on the nature of the job being performed. Adjustable height tables are just one of the innovations made keeping the employees or workers in mind.  Thus, it stands to reason that it is crucial for a business or organization to select the right type of worktable or industrial work benches as they are commonly known.  But with the increase in the number of manufacturers and suppliers currently in the same market, selecting the right adjustable height table becomes complex.

To get a clearer picture, the major concerns one must have before making the purchase decision are highlighted below.

1.    Purpose:  Worktables are used in a variety of functions in industrial sectors. They vary according to the tasks they are meant to perform. Thus, for an organization, the selection should be made according to the requirements of the project or work at hand. For instance, heavy duty worktables are best suited for a laboratory setting or something similar.

2.    Electronic Compatibility: If an organization’s work requires electricity source to perform tasks, electronic industrial tables should be chosen. There are electronic industrial tables which allow users to plug in an assortment of electronic devices or tools to the table itself.

3.    Materials selected: One of the key factors that make a worktable worth the investment is its strength. Manufacturing units and laboratories deal are required to deal with toxic and harmful elements on a regular basis. This makes industrial worktables the only viable option.  The worktable thus has to be durable enough to work in such an environment. Materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, wood, glass and particleboards are used extensively in the various components of a workbench. However, stainless steel industrial work benches are preferred for their resistance to corrosion and a smooth surface which could easily be cleaned.

4.    Functions and features: Height adjustable work benches can be used by an organization in many different ways. Thus, a user needs to select the desirable features and the appropriate worktable that provides them. For instance, a worktable used in a laboratory setting should always be chemical resistant. However, ergonomic features which provide flexibility to workers are always preferred, no matter which industrial work bench is chosen.

5.    Size:  For large organizations which employ large numbers of employees, a certain level of organization is required.  Depending on how the employees are required to work together or at an individual level, the size of the table should be selected.

6.    Flexibility to customization: Most of the industrial workplaces require worktables for multiple different uses. The standard tables available in the market may not be able to meet all your requirements. So, it is always a great option to be open to customization. This way, you can

attach multiple tops or storage cabinets to your tables if needed. Add-on accessories like airflow fume hoods and foam padding can also be attached to the tables.

7.    Additional operations: Small compact workplaces do not have enough place to keep a lot of furniture, so they depend on worktables that are able to support multiple operations. For example, you can consider having adjustable height tables of small sizes to use them as carts, hydraulic lifts, as well as pneumatic and mechanical tables.

8.    Single or multiple users: Adjustable height tables are available in sizes and designs suitable for single or multiple people. You need to consider how many people will be using the table before you purchase it. It is a great benefit of the adjustable height table that several people with different heights can use it as the height of the table can be increased or decreased to their convenience.

9.    Loading capacity: Adjustable tables at the heavy-duty workplaces need to have high load capacity so that it can carry heavy equipment, tools and materials. Again, stainless steel adjustable tables are the answer, instead of being a lightweight material itself, stainless steel is strong and can take a lot of weight. Keep in mind that the table must be capable of carrying more load than you are actually going to use it for. You can also consider buying tables that have an expandable platform in any direction.

Why Adjustable Height Tables Are Preferred?

Adjustable height tables are designed with the ergonomic feature that allows to increase and decrease the height of the table as required. It is greatly beneficial to workers from many angles, such as –

·         A safer solution: Workers do not have to work all day by sitting in the same position so they will have fewer injuries like neck pain, backaches, wrist problems etc.

·         Better body awareness: When people work for a long time standing, they often end up slouching. With adjustable height tables, they can change their position, so they do not need to slouch.

·         Prevention of fatigue: Workers suffer from fatigue if they sit at the same place for hours. However, if they stand, their body becomes more alert, which can be possible with adjustable height tables.

·         Greater morale: When the physical condition of the workers gets better, they get more enthusiastic to work, thus the efficiency and productivity of the workplace are increased.

Due to the competitive demands of the modern industrial sectors, adjustable height tables provide workers the capabilities to perform their work efficiently, without any limitations and a concern for safety. This has been proven to be effective, as the overall production level of any organization can increase.  Thus, for any organization, it is better to procure adjustable height tables and other industrial furniture from reputed brands only.  However, it is critical to purchase the adjustable height tables from the right sources.

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