How to Choose the Best Synthetic Grass

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Synthetic turf and artificial grass as a landscaping surface has become a thriving industry since it was first developed in the 1960s. Technology has come a long way since the short profile options of backyard tennis courts and competition-grade baseball fields typical of its early days. Today, it’s used in Olympic stadiums, residential properties, indoor gymnasiums and sporting fields regularly. But so much choice can often lead people to confusion when it comes to the best product for each particular area's requirements and the different methods of artificial grass installation used by various contractors. 

The initial and the most important step, however, is to identify which product meets your immediate demands of the space and which type of synthetic grass is best suited for it.  With so many different products available to choose from on the market, selecting a synthetic turf that’s right for you can prove to be a taxing task.

Here are a few things that can help you to determine what style of synthetic turf is the right one for your case: 

Durability and the warranty provided: Always ensure the synthetic turf option you’re considering is durable and has a warranty to protect you down the track if things were to somehow go wrong. Certain factors are out of your control such as harsh weather and poor installation, so making sure you’re protected with at least 5-8 years of warranty will not only give you peace of mind but it will ensure you’re getting the most out of your product with the money you've spent. 

Qualified installer: Having your turf properly installed by a reputable contractor will not only help make your lawn look sleek and seamless but it will also increase the lifespan of the installation and grass product. If you do choose to do the installation yourself, it's safest to talk to a professional for guidance.

Industry norms: If you are comparing different synthetic turf suppliers, make sure all suppliers fulfil Australian guidelines and Synthetic Turf Council rules. This will enable you to measure the quality and legitimacy of the product and the company. In the event that you are investigating how eco-friendly a product is, make sure it abides by ecological guidelines.

How the garden is used: Are you going to play a game of soccer on your grass or have a relaxing summer picnic? How your garden is going to be used is crucial to what type of grass you choose.

Infill quality: infill is the foundational layer that’s laid before synthetic turf products to add buoyancy and to help give the feeling of real grass. Depending on your needs, infill can make a big difference in quality. Some are more cushiony, better for the environment, better for drainage (important if you have a pet) and help increase the longevity of your investment. If you have a pet, steer away from rubber infill, as you’ll need a product that allows for efficient drainage of waste.

Who uses the garden: Do you have young children or pets? If so, you should take that into consideration when choosing your grass. 

How the final product should look like – You should love the way your new grass looks and it should add to the overall aesthetics of your residence. Pick up samples of grass to help you decide what you want before buying. This way you know what the blades look and feel like before installing it onto your lawn. 

Even after all these handy tips, it’s still possible that the client may get confused. It is always advised to opt for a reputable product for your Artificial Turf Installation in Sydney. SYNLawn, with their dedicated team of service staff and a wide variety of products from their selection, can help you select a suitable product that ticks all your boxes. Speak to someone from SYNLawn today to find out how they can help you.

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