How to Choose the Best Skin Care Products for Your Newborn Baby

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Delicate baby skin can be irritating even to things that come into contact with the skin, such as clothing and diapers. How is the correct answer to take care of the season when you are worried about UV rays? There must be many moms who have such questions. This time, we asked beauty editor Ankita Sharma, who is also the mother of one child, to teach her how to choose skin care products that are safe for babies.

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· Moisturizing the baby's skin with a weak barrier function is necessary!

· "Not included" is the key to choosing baby items!

· In early spring, both adults and skin may become sensitive...!

· Create an environment that keeps your skin moisturized!

Moisturizing the baby's skin with weak barrier function is necessary!

“The skin of babies and toddlers has not yet formed sebaceous glands. Therefore, the biggest feature is that it has a low barrier function and is easy to dry,” says Ankita. Also, the drool on the baby's skin may make the skin drier. “Baby skin" has a chewy and fresh image, but it is better to actively take care of your baby's skin because it is delicate.

Q. What should I do for a baby's skin care?

Moisturizing is important for a baby's skin care. My family has been doing baby body massage and skincare since I was born. In particular, I always kept moisturizing my whole body after taking a bath every day, so now that I'm 5 years old, I apply skin milk myself, and if I don't moisturize, I can't wear clothes (laughs)! If you know from an early age that dry skin = unpleasant skin, you will naturally develop a moisturizing habit even as an adult.

Studies have shown that massaging with a mom's hands gives the baby a sense of security and love. Take care of your mom's hands on a regular basis and protect your delicate baby's skin with your plump hands.

"Not included" is the key to choosing baby items!

When choosing cosmetics, many people just ask, "What kind of ingredients do you have?" However, Mrs. Ankita says, "If you choose a baby or sensitive care item, you should choose it based on what is not included." I was taught the keywords to protect and care for delicate skin.

Q. What are the key points when choosing baby skin care?

Preservatives and fragrances tend to be irritating to a baby's skin. Choose one that has a notation such as fragrance-free or hypoallergenic. Also, when you are an infant, it is better to choose baby-only items and products marked as "● years old". There are various natural skin care products such as cream, milk, and lotion, but for babies who don't stay still, the milk type that can be applied quickly is easy to use. Please stretch it with your palm and apply it while massaging your baby's skin.

In early spring, both adults and skin may become sensitive...!

Babies are not the only ones who are delicate. In early spring, due to changes in the environment and the temperature difference between daytime and morning and evening, stress that is invisible to the mind and skin of adults is applied.

"We originally have a" barrier function "that protects the skin from various external stimuli. However, when the turnover of the skin is disturbed due to the change of seasons or irregular life, the stratum corneum becomes multi-layered or thinned, and the skin becomes sensitively tilted, "says Ankita. Cosmetics that are usually okay stain, and the skin becomes dry soon ... Here's how to choose a care item in such a case.

Q. What should I be careful about when choosing cosmetics for sensitive skin?

The cause of sensitive skin is different for each person. It cannot be said that which ingredient is good or bad, but like baby skin, it is better to choose one that is described as fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and for sensitive skin.

Q. Is it okay to substitute baby items for sensitive skin care in early spring?

It's gentle on the skin, so it's okay for adults to use it, but you may find it unsatisfactory in terms of moisturizing power and texture. Sensitive skin in adults is often due to a reduced barrier function. If you don't have enough moisturizing power, your skin strength will decrease more and more, so if possible, use it for sensitive skin for adults. In addition, use baby items for babies until about early childhood. At my home, I use the same skin care for baby skin until I am 2 years old. If you choose a hypoallergenic one for adults, you can take care of your skin with your mom or dad.

Create an environment that keeps your skin moisturized!

It is important to maintain the barrier function for both baby's skin and adult's sensitive skin. Moisture is indispensable for that. “It is said that the optimum humidity for the skin is 50-60%, but moisture is lost when the humidity is low,” says Ankita. As the sun begins to feel warm, it is necessary for the skin to re-examine the humidification of the room, which was indispensable during the winter.

Q. What should I be careful about other than delicate baby skin and cosmetics?

Babies are sweaty, so wearing heavy clothes can cause heat rash even in winter! There are still days when the flowers get cold during April, but be careful not to let Muri wear heavy clothes just because there are chilly days. Also, if your skin is dry, it may cause rough skin due to friction, so you should avoid using chemical fibers or strong dyes for things that come into contact with your skin, such as clothing, towels, and diapers.

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