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by Reetika B. Geeta University

Admission to an engineering University is a difficult process right from the entrance examination and counseling. Considering the cost of technological education, it is imperative that you choose the best University to get good returns and get a good job.

 Although, before taking admitted to any University, you must make sure that the University offers a quality of education along with good placement or job opportunities. Following are some of the important points that you should think about while searching for a good engineering University.


8 Steps to Help You Choose the Right Engineering University

 1. Choosing an engineering stream:

 Before choosing the best engineering University, you will have to decide which engineering branch you would like to follow. This is a very essential step because no one would want to end up doing a course if they were not motivated enough to do so. Research various streams to find out details of various courses.

 2. Categorizing and considering University:

 After making that decision, the next step should be to choose two other engineering streams that you can settle for if you are not eligible or if you cannot get the stream of your choice. It is good to divide your choice of University into 2 groups.

 The1st group should include the first-rate University that is difficult to get into. The second group can consist of universities that are on high average and that is reasonably easy to get into, and also ones that you will be happy attending without much regret.

 3. Write down your criteria:

 Develop a record of criteria you want to use to evaluate and weed out universities It should have the considerations listed below:


·         Degree from which University

·         Location

·         Distance from home

·         Private or Government



4. Check that you are eligible for any financial or scholarships aid

 Checking for financial and scholarship aids is essential and if you can avail any, you can attend the Best Engineering University that you had set aside because you were not able to afford it.

 5. Soak in the atmosphere

 If you can visit the University you are looking for and target high traffic areas like the library, cafes, lawns, or gyms. Interact with students and listen to their opinions and experiences. Get an idea of the facilities in the University and especially of the field you are looking for. If you can easily imagine yourself comfortable in the University, this would be a great indication that you would be comfortable in and do good there.

 6. Don't be brand conscious

University may have excellent reputations, but don't fall for star ratings. A University may be well-known for its outstanding Electronic or Mechanical Engineering Department, but the Department of civil engineering may not be as well developed and equipped.

 7. Make sure you scored the required percentage

 Make sure your having % in school is adequate to be able to apply to the engineering course. If any common entrance test or any University-specific entrance test is to be written, make sure you prepare well for the exam. It is best to get into an engineering university on the merit quota as the financial burden is usually lessened by that.


Some Features that a best Engineering University must-have.

 Here are some of the main features that the best engineering University must-have. These features will play a crucial role in choosing a good engineering University -


University Affiliation

This is one of the most significant tasks Before targeting a University should check whether it is approved by the designated regulatory body (AICTE) or not. Also, check whether the university is affiliated with is approved by the UGC or not.

 Internship, placement, and Job Opportunities:

 One of the most imperative aspects of a University is the past record of the placement. Before joining any University, check its official websites to find out the companies and organizations that hire students of that particular University. Also, take feedback from the alumni of the institute to confirm the reports which are mentioned on the website.

 This is one of the most important factors which we have to analyze the University you plan to take admission to must offer good placement and internship opportunities to their students.

Labs and Instruments of University:

In engineering we require a lot of practical work, so make sure that the University you are applying for has suitable labs, instruments, and equipment. You should also have to check out the University website for more details as well as you have to take a University campus visit and understand the facilities provided by the University.


Research Initiatives:

A good University is known by the quality of research papers published by its scholar. Ensure that you check out the research initiatives taken by the institute. This will help you to understand the capabilities of an institute as an entity that promotes/create new ideas in the field of technology.


Academic Support:

Aim for a University that will not just invite companies for campus placement but will also help you to prepare the selection rounds of these companies. Universities with functional training and placement centers are the best as they help you to get better communication skills and write resumes as per requirements.


Personal EXPERIENCE of Geeta University:

 I am a current student at Geeta Engineering University. I am perusing my engineering (final year) at Geeta engineering University Delhi NCR. As I am living in the hostel. I am spending my most precious years with this institution. According to my perception, this is The Best/Top engineering University in Delhi NCR.

 All the facilities whether it is related to academics, placement, companies visiting, sports, activities, labs, cafeteria, faculty, staff, transportation, hostel, etc.

 If you have a dream of becoming an engineer then definitely you should take admitted to the best engineering University. And if you are looking for the best then Geeta Engineering University is the best institute from which you can make your future bright.

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