How To Choose Hydroponic Lights For Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

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Indoor gardening or farming is not uncommon in today’s times. People experienced in hydroponic farming understand the importance of proper lighting for plant growth. But beginners often find it challenging to choose the right lights for indoor cannabis cultivation. Here we have discussed different hydroponic lights, including LED grow lights, which indoor cultivators can consider for their gardens and farms.

What is a grow light?

Before we jump into the options, let’s understand what a grow light is and how it benefits indoor cultivation. A grow light emits high-intensity light and provides an ideal environment for photosynthesis. It increases growth rate and yields, extends growing seasons, maintains consistency in growth cycles, and reduces overall energy consumption and cost. The lights are designed with different intensities and spectrums, allowing farmers and cultivators to adjust according to their plants’ needs, regardless of the weather conditions.

Different types of Hydroponic lights:

LED grow lights

LED lights are the least expensive hydroponic lights. Most cannabis cultivators rely on LED grow lights because LED bulbs are energy-efficient and last longer than other grow lights, and they also generate less heat, making them safe for indoor plants.

Fluorescent grow lights

Fluorescent lights are cost-effective; however, they are not ideal for all hydroponic plants. Although they generate less heat, they emit less light, which may not be sufficient for indoor plants to grow in a closed environment.

Halogen grow lights

Halogen lights are similar to the Sun and are budget-friendly but not as efficient as other hydroponic lights like LED grow lights.

High-pressure sodium grow lights

HPS grow lights are beneficial for flowering plants and are more efficient than halogen lights. Although they make a good choice for an indoor farm, the lights are expensive and unsuitable for all plants.

Incandescent grow lights

Incandescent lights are expensive and not recommended for hydroponic plants, as they generate heat that can damage them.

Most cultivators choose LED grow lights for indoor cultivation because LED lights convert 95% of energy into light and don’t generate a significant amount of heat like traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. LED lights in different colors allow cultivators to choose the right light for plants.

Plants often respond more to red and blue lights and less to green and yellow lights because they absorb other parts of the light spectrum. Many growers also use a combination of red and blue lights to create an ideal environment for photosynthesis.

A plant’s growth stage is also an essential factor to consider when choosing lights in an indoor grow room. Seedlings and young plants require less light compared to mature plants, and it’s better to use low-intensity lights.

If you need a helping hand in setting up an indoor farm for cannabis cultivation, let professionals plan and design your grown room and install hydroponic systems to reduce water consumption and labor work and improve plant growth and yields.


Author’s Bio – The author is an online blogger. This article is about the grow lights for indoor cannabis cultivation.

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