How to Choose Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

by Noman Khan SEO at WAMP Infotech Pvt.Ltd

Are you tired of looking for a digital marketing course in Delhi or if you have just begun your search, you have arrived at the right place? In this article, I will pretty much explain about everything like what is digital marketing, why everybody is going crazy about this field, is it worth it and what are the courses and modules in digital marketing. Let's quickly get started.

What is digital marketing: Is it worth doing the course?

Digital marketing is not just the future but the present of the marketing industry. Why is its importance growing every day? Many brands are coming on the digital platform and there is no reason to not do it.


Traditional marketing has its own importance but the rule of marketing says that we need to apply 80% digital marketing and 20% traditional marketing.

REACH: You can reach a larger number of audience in less span of time. For example, when you create a post, with just one post, you can reach so many people and this just takes a second. The reach is unbelievable. Digital marketing is the best kind of marketing to reach your target audience in large number.

TIME AND COST: Digital marketing takes very less time to reach the target audience and the cost involved is really less as compared to the traditional marketing.

MEASURING RESULTS: The best part about digital marketing is that you can measure the results like were the actions taken by you are giving you the desired traffic and is the traffic quality good, is it taking too long etc.

These were just a few benefits and there are many.

It's very important to get convinced about the importance of digital marketing and why one must do this course. Let us now study about the modules in Delhi and why WAMP Institute provides you with the best digital marketing course in Delhi.

Website designing: It is an extensive course where you will be taught how to create a website on WordPress and how to buy the domain and hosting for your website, this is the most important module and the base of all.

Content writing: Content writing is the king in digital marketing. You will need to learn the content writing skills to write articles, emails etc. You will be taught how to write an article that can get viral and get the most social shares.

SEO: SEO is search engine optimization. Let us suppose you have an organic brand and you make natural products, you want to bring your website on number one page of Google. This process of bringing your website to number one page on Google is called SEO. In SEO, you will be taught the organic ways to bring your website on number one page of Google.

Google webmasters/analytics: Google has two of the most important tools and that is Google webmaster and Google analytics. Google webmaster is used to checking the health of your website. Google analytics is used to track the audience like who is your target audience and which location and country is it coming from.

Social Media: Social Media is as important as doing SEO. With the help of social media platforms, you can promote your website and provide the brand value to get the maximum reach and audience. Every brand is coming digital because they are getting massive success on these platforms. Social media is more than just posting. You need to post a viral content, evergreen content and always be active, talking about the trending topics. It is very important to optimize the social media and if done right, you can get a massive amount of audience.

Email marketing: Lots of marketers claim that email marketing is dead now. Seriously? It can never die in fact if done properly, it is one of the most important technique to achieve the loyal subscribers. It involves personalization and creating campaigns and being active with the subscriber's list. Email marketing will help you grow your subscribers and build the authenticity of the brand.

Affiliate marketing: Let us suppose you don't want to sell your own products and you want to sell the products of others and earn commission from it. This kind of marketing is called affiliate marketing and you can earn the decent amount of commission by reviewing their products and uploading the posts on your website. The most popular networks are Amazon, affiliate etc.

AdWords: You cannot deny the importance of ads be it Facebook ads or Google ads. This kind of SEO is paid but worth it. You need to maintain the balance between organic and paid SEO. Both are equally important. With just investing few bucks, you can create amazing ads on Google AdWords with the strong call to action and attract the audience. This is the fastest way of getting the leads because these ads appear on the first page of Google.

AdSense: You can also monetize your website as in you can earn money from your website by publishing ads on your website. For this, you need to write a few articles on your website, design your website nicely and then take permission from Google for AdSense. Brands may the huge amount of money to Google for placing their ads and Google keeps some percentage of commission with them and gives a little% of it to the website owner because the ads have been placed on your website.

Freelancing: Here you will be taught how to work from home. Yes, you can make 6 figures of money while working from home. I am not kidding, I have done this for a year and if your life situations demand you to stay at home, you can earn from home as well by just giving a few hours. The work is authentic and all you need is your laptop and a good internet connection.

These were the most important modules to become a digital marketer and you can further choose your interest in niche and do the mastery. We provide you with the internship as well where you will be given the SEO projects to handle

Even after the completion of course, we make sure to stay in touch with all the students to help them with the job placements. We are made by our students and there will never be a day without learning,

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